Wednesday, June 23, 2010

She Ran Away

Not really but she did break down in tears and beg to go to Mrs. Gaddy's so that she could get a break from K. Evelyn picked her up Monday and she's having a lot more fun than we're having.

Why Our Kids Steal, Lie, etc.

Finally catching up on Brenda's blog. Keeping me mindful.....
And need to watch it too. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Please Support

Advocates for Children of Trauma is a huge resource for families like mine. They are based in Texas but have been extremely helpful for families nationwide. Mine included. Please take a few minutes and vote for them. They have been actively presenting classes for several years from some of the leaders in Attachment. This is strictly a volunteer based organization but need the financial resources to keep helping families. Mike Groomer, founder, has been a huge advocate for our family. Thanks, Mike, for all you do for our families.

Thank you in advance for your vote. I've got great hopes that they will FINALLY have some financial help. If you're feeling really benevolent please post this on your blog on FB page. They can use all the support they can get.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

We Made It

J and I had a great time at the balloon race this morning. However, it was incredibly difficult to drag my bohunkus out of the bed at 5 AM this morning. I didn't sleep well and when I did there were very vivid dreams to greet me. More pics on FB of this morning and J's fishing trip. I do wish it weren't such a pain to upload pics here.

J loved having the one on one time with me and and I with her.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yesterday J was absolutely terrified about the peep that came out on the way to therapy. I had to turn the rear view mirror up so she wasn't freaking out by watching. Which meant that I was internally freaking out wondering who was going to strike me from behind. I kept turning toward J using peripheral vision to see if K was still in the back seat.

By Friday that hopefully won't be such a worry. See other blog.

I bribed my mom into staying with K while I took J to therapy today. J's session was hijacked by K yesterday and it's been happening a lot. It's important that J still gets her time so by not taking K we guaranteed J therapy time. She worked really hard today and admitted that she was terrified yesterday. Puberty it is coming. Dang.

I was really hoping to take both girls to see the balloons take off in Helen tomorrow as they race to the Atlantic. It's not going to happen for K. Alecia is being so kind as to be here at 6 AM tomorrow and I'm taking J to see it. Wondering how I'm going to drag my hiney out of bed at 5.