Thursday, April 19, 2012

Big Announcement!

So a few weeks back I contacted Brad Yates and begged asked if he would consider doing a tapping video for Parents of Trauma.  Trying to explain our lives and parenting traumatized kids in less than 150 words is challenging to say the least.  I received a very nice computer generated response but it didn't sound like I would be hearing from Brad any time soon.  I let out a heavy sigh and went on about my day......

During the day my mind was attempting to come up with a plan to help us.  Parenting trauma is not for sissies.  We know that parents of our kids, we are cratering now.  We are needing help now.  We are trying to figure out how to put one foot in front of the other and carry on now.  Our spouses sometimes don't get it, family/friends don't get it, our kids pee and poop in the most creative places, rage, spit, jump out of moving vehicles, puke on us, perp on other kids, and a host of other behaviors.  Yes, I get that it's the emotions coming out but it sure is hard to deal with day in and day out.  Plus we have our PTSD to think about as well.

Knowing how much I loathe and despise being video taped, I went to Kristy hoping I could convince her  to let me record her doing a tapping script.  Ummmm.... didn't work out so well.  She hates being taped even more than me.

So I put on my big girl panties and did a video for all of you fabulous moms.  I faced my fears for all of you and did it anyway.  Of course there was tapping involved first. :)

Fast forward a few days and imagine my surprise when I received an email from Brad.  Not just any Brad.  The better than Brad P*tts, Brad.   I did 50 happy dances in about 5 seconds.  Then I immediately sent texts to Christine and Kristy because I had to share the happy dance with them.  Neither of them let me down and they joined me in the happy dance.

In the email, he offered to do a tele seminar for US.  Did you hear me?  A tele seminar just for US (and awesome dads too) trauma parents.  So after a few emails back and forth we have decided on a date.

Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 9 PM EST.

May 3rd is the evening you need to be connected to the internet and be tuned in.  You will not be disappointed.

If you've been wondering if tapping is for you, wanting to know more, or gain a little more insight into tapping....this is for you.

If you are burned out, beat down and feel like you cannot give one more ounce of anything to anyone else in your life....this is for you.

If you have questions because this tapping thing is confusing you.  This seminar is for you.

If you are emotionally bankrupt with yourself, your spouse and/or your kids.  This one is for you.

If you still think tapping is silly, tune in, because this is for you.

Then do tapping on yourself and see the benefits first hand.  Put the oxygen mask on yourself first.

Then share the oxygen mask with your kids.

Then be prepared to be astounded.

Click here for my friend, Lindsay, and the benefits she is seeing.

Click here to read about my friend, Sunday, and how tapping has helped her.

Click here for the web page Brad created for us.  It has the dial in number and code to attend the seminar.

Did I mention that he is doing this seminar for us pro bono?  Because he is.  Because he's awesome like that!  That's free, folks. :)

Those of you that are being so brave and thinking outside the box.  I salute you!

Mark your calendar.  Be there or be squarish.


Barb G said...

Woohoo! Thank you, sweet Lisa!!

Kristine said...

OMG! Wow!!

GB's Mom said...

you <3

Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

This is great *fist-bump*
The thing about this is, it can’t hurt to try….seriously…even if you don’t think it is working…it won’t be hurting….that is huge.
Love ya, girl and love how you look after your peeps!

Tudu said...

I'm very excited and I will be dragging my hubby along for the ride.

Annie said...

This sounds amazing! Do you think Anastasia could watch, too?

And....does that mean someone ELSE'S child has jumped out of a moving car? Because I didn't think I told you about that.....

Ranger said...

Woo hoo!!! Yay you and your bravery!! What an opportunity to get to share! :)

Diana said...

VERY cool! Thank you for sharing this tool with all of us. Unfortunately for me, the call is happening right smack as we're kicking off our retreat so I won't be able to attend.

Tee said...

This is great! I just did a post about it. Looking forward to it.