Sunday, April 15, 2012

What Is....And Isn't

We were really blessed to have Ms. Kristy as an attachment therapist and that, including all her other training, she was also trained in Tapping.  J & I have been tapping since 2007.  It has been a gift beyond measure.  I have been remiss in sharing how much healing has come from tapping.

What is tapping?

It's also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Thought Field Therapy.

It is great for anything but really wonderful for anxiety, trauma, pre-verbal trauma, stress, etc.

Using EFT for kids is so powerful, and it works faster on kids because they don't have a backlog of beliefs built up over years like we do.  Guess where most of our unhelpful beliefs came from? Our childhood.  Yes, it does work on adults, but generally works faster in kids. 

Want less rages???  Tap. 

Want less trauma related behaviors?  Tap.

Want to give your kid a tool that they can use for their entire lifetime?  Tap.

Want your child to be more regulated?  Tap.

Want your child to do better in school? Tap.

Want to keep on being a great parent?  Tap. 

When do you use it?  All the time.  Practice doing it 3 times a day.  You already know if your child has escalated that it's not the time to use it.  Practice it when they are regulated.  Make a schedule and do it at the same time every day so you can get in the habit.  Once they have been doing it for a while they will be more willing to do tapping when they are not regulated.  Or not. EFT for kids is so empowering, it gives them the tools to banish their fears, negative beliefs and anxieties, and then in turn, build positive beliefs and success.

It is easy.

It is gentle and works subtly.

What can you use it on?  E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

It is calming and soothing.  Do it on yourself for a few days and see for yourself.  It is a gift to yourself and your family.

It lowers cortisol levels and stops the fight or flight.

Tapping isn't:

A religion and doesn't interfere with any religious beliefs.  In fact, you can even use it to have a strong connection in your faith.  Click here for more info.

It is a therapeutic tool.  It is not a replacement for therapy.

It is not a one time cure.  You need to keep tapping and make it a daily habit.  Change up the words for what works for you, your family, your child. 

It isn't invasive.

It isn't a drug.

It isn't expensive.

It isn't something you can screw up.

It isn't complicated.

Here's Brad's video on Tapping 101 to answer more of your questions.

Brad Yates has read my's a new video on Trauma and Abuse.  I'm so doing this on myself and having J do it too.  

On being burned out, exhausted and overwhelmed:

Tap. Tap.  Is this thing on?


Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

Lisa I want to thank you so much for posting these new video! I will be using it.

I don’t know if you want me to put this out here on your blog…I have been contemplating a post about this.

But…as you know a few weeks ago I was dealing with some serious triggers and was finding myself in trapped in my fight or flight mode, flight to be specific. I was in all honestly pretty stuck in the fear cycle and couldn’t seem to talk myself down or convince myself that I could deal with the situation (at least like a grown-up) Anyway, you very graciously took the time to teach me how to rub…and tap and pointed me toward some tapping videos. I started right away…and when the time came, I went into the situation that I REALLY wanted to fly away from. I mean I did not think I could even walk through the door. I did. I took some time through the day the minute I felt the fear response trying to creep back in to use my new tools (& hula hoop that I has stashed in my car) and I made it through not only that day but several more. It was about half way through that first day that I realized that I was really gonna make it through this (like a grown-up). That might not have been a miracle but it was huge. So whatever tapping is or isn’t, I am so grateful that you took the time to share it with me.

Last Mom said...

We haven't been able to get into a daily routine, but tapping has been a great tool for us. Thanks so much for sharing it with me. We did a little at breakfast this morning before she went to school for day 1 of two weeks of standardized testing. We also talked about how she could tap discretely during the test on her wrists, fingers, etc. and say the words in her head if she gets stressed.

Barb G said...

Thank you Lisa for the one on being burned out. I feel better already! Maybe I will make it thru this really tough week. Love you!