Friday, October 30, 2009

New Trick?

Something from the other blog that I thought I'd share here. Trips are really hard for SK. So now we're going on "trips" or "vacations" a lot. Like everywhere we go I announce that we're going either on a trip or vacation or the beach or whatever.... A couple of times this week I've even packed their bags and threw them in the truck for the "trip." Yes.... I know it sounds crazy but I'm hoping to take the trigger out of these words for Sk.

Annie had a great idea (hoping she doesn't get mad that I've shared this) for one of her kids that has trouble with mom being sick. She could get "sick" a lot. I thought this was a fabulous idea! Lots of practice hopefully will help them actually cope when the real thing happens.

Who knows??? It might actually work.

Thought I'd share here in case it might be helpful. Change it up to whatever is the "hard" thing.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Essie's Too True Tuesday

Essie asked.....
First thing you would spend your lottery money on! Tell the truth! Spare us the crap about buying your kids a Carousel or paying off your parents mortgage. The REAL truth!

At first I was thinking this....

Then I thought again. This would be destroyed and deemed worthless in a matter of a week by the destruction crew that lives with me.

So I thought this would be better....

Then I read Corey's blog.... a staff. That's where it's at! A chef, maid, chauffeur, construction crew to repair the daily damages, sitters on call whenever I'm jumping off the roof....

A farm where the crazy can run free and wild. Goats, chickens, pot-bellied pigs, alpacas, and other fuzzy critters could be the calm in the storm. Our AT would live on the property in the first house and we'd live in the farm house. She'd be on call....all the time.... Personal trainer who would drag me out of bed every morning and force me to exercise. If you're going to dream you might as well dream big. Oh yeah....everyone would have their very own bathroom attached to their bedroom. This is a deal breaker.

I'd better win the 200 million lottery....not the measly 10 mil.

Pioneer Woman's cookbook is in the it's honor we had this wonderful dish. Except I added sauteed baby bellas to the recipe.

Monday, October 26, 2009

One of those days....

happened yesterday. It was horrible. Wishing I could hit rewind and do it all over again. Tiredness and temper ruled my world yesterday. Ugh. I have modeled apologies and restitution. Christine talked me off the roof last night. God bless her.

Grateful all of you are part of my village.

J was asleep at 6:30 last night and I still had to roust her awake this morning at 7:15. Normally after we get back from a trip it takes several days of sleeping late for her to recover. We had to go to the dairy in SC early to pick up our order of this divine stuff so she couldn't sleep in this morning. 4 gallons will disappear like hot cakes. It's very common for RAD kids to be allergic to bovine milk but goat milk saves the day. This link explains why a lot of people have dairy allergies. Thought it was very interesting indeed.

Today was a much better day for everyone. Me included.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Big News

J had another stellar day today. Lots of fun on the beach and in the pool. Too much sushi for all of us. She is still working on her pictures of BM and the things (behaviors) she wants to leave in SC. We'll get them bagged up tomorrow night to throw away on the journey home.

Huge news. We have an adoption date for SK. 12/22. Yippee!!!! Hip! Hip! Hooray!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

J's Birthday

We celebrated J's birthday today. 2 weeks early. Heading off any problems hopefully. She had a fabulous day. Tonight we ate at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse at her request and went to see Elvis at Legends. She was one happy camper!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009


Hi from the beach! We made it. Didn't know until the last minute if it was going to happen. Things were very touch and go for a while. I'd actually canceled Puddin's baby sitter because I didn't think we'd make it.
Even though I packed on the downlow Puddin was pretty distraught by the time we left. She's too intuitive. However, when Connie showed up to sit with her (thank goodness Connie was able to stay on such short notice) she was one happy camper.
We didn't make it in time to hit the grocery store so I took them straight to dinner. J ate 6 sets of crab legs (she did all the cracking). And....all the other stuff too I might add. Tomorrow when I'm in a better mood, we'll do grocery shopping.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I got a lesson (again) in how hard transitions are for our kids. Even supposedly fun transitions. Heck...I'm not crazy about change either. Going to be mindful of that in the future by keeping my yapper shut....and everyone around me. Duct tape anyone????

We'll be here tomorrow....

The house of unbearably slow internet. While waiting on a page to come up I will cook bacon, eggs and whip up a pan of biscuits, two kids will strong sit and orange juice will be sipped. Maybe just maybe when I look at the computer again I will have a fresh page to devour.

Lows in the 40's, highs in the 60's (hopefully 70's by Thursday). Think the girls will brave the pool???? Sweats and jackets packed just in case. Tomorrow night my feet will be planted in the sand. Seashells will be in my bucket and the ocean will serenade me all night long. No matter how cold it is.

What is up with the cold weather? I've never turned the heat on before December and usually we're still swimming in the lake until Halloween. Geesh. It's freezing. This morning it was 35 and tonight is supposed to be colder. Dang.

Anybody in the North Myrtle area?????

Saturday, October 17, 2009

By Request

Several people have asked me to describe a prescribed fit so I'll give it a try and attempt not to bungle it.

In the beginning, J couldn't do a prescribed fit so the AT & I modeled it for her. Screaming, yelling, wallowing around on the floor, kicking the floor, etc. Generally in a fixed spot called the "fit" rug to have a two-year-old temper tantrum. Let me just tell you it takes a lot of energy to throw a fit and do all that screaming and yelling. I don't know how they do it. Since I really don't "want" to listen to a fit at close range J uses the bedroom downstairs. I can hear very well but it doesn't send my blood pressure over the edge like it does in close proximity.

Now that we've practiced together several times J is well-schooled on how a fit should look. Yes...we all know that they know exactly how to have a fit but sometimes doing it with them is helpful. So every hour I tell her to run along and have a fit downstairs and I'll let her know when two minutes are up. She bounces down the stairs and proceeds to have a real screamer. She's pretty experienced at this now so she can choose her own phrases but when she first started we'd choose who she wanted to yell at and what she wanted to yell about and she would use that for the whole day. The next day we'd move on to something/someone else.

Some examples of her phrases (she chose):

I am mad at you birth mom.

You didn't take care of me.

You gave me RAD.

You made me different.

You were supposed to feed me.

You were supposed to keep me clean.

I hate you birth mom.
You were supposed to take care of me.
You were supposed to keep bugs off me.

(She doesn't always focus on her birth mom but this is who she's been mad at lately. She has a right to be mad and we'll work on forgiveness after some of the anger dissipates.)

Yes....I know it sounds crazy but it works. Part of it is giving her permission to be mad. She has a right to be mad. Part of it is taking the thrill out of having the fit. "Well if that's what you want me to do I just won't do it anymore," mentality. Part of it is realizing that she could be having fun doing something else. Duh.

If I see a blow out about to happen I hurriedly prescribe it. Usually it takes the whole edge off and things settle down quickly rather than having the major explosion. If I totally miss it then I'll say, "oh honey, thank you for reminding me it's time for that fit."

The more she does it the more she realizes that she has control over the situation. The real fits are becoming less and less frequent. (shhhhh)

I have totally great news but I'm not going to tell you about it until we get back from the beach. I'm not crazy enough to jinx myself. :)

Rockin Sheri gave me a super cool award. Sheri is this really cool mom who lets the snark rip. I love that about her. She'll totally say all the stuff I'd love to but can't because I'd get kicked out of the south. I realize I'm 2 behind but I promise to get caught up some day.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Broken Hearts

Seems like there are a lot of broken hearts going around these days. I've been asked to post about a little girl, 8, that needs a home. She looks astoundingly like J and has a lot of the same challenges. Yet, let us never forget that our kids can heal. They just need the right opportunity. Just because it hasn't worked in one family does not mean that things might not be better in another family.

Are you her family? Can you help start the healing journey? Can you send up some prayers, hopes, thoughts for this family and this child?

If you would like to know more please email me for details.
Hate mail not accepted. Snap judgements either.
There's a hurting child and family. Please be respectful of that.

For those of you that feel so inclined please link to this post.....this little girl has parents waiting on her somewhere. Please help us find them so she can begin to heal.

Remember that the "powers that be" considered J unadoptable. Miracles happen. Every day.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trauma Anniversary

Things are steadily improving around here. Prescribed fits are lessening the "real" fits. Win-win for everyone. Still impressed that they started so much later in the year. (Usually start the first week of August and run through the first week of November.) Not saying it's not challenging some days but it is considerably better than previous years. There are some things going on that J has asked me not to blog about and that's OK. I'll put it in a draft to save for her later. The actual trauma date is October 23.

Even though I was sick we were not going to miss our 3 hour therapy session today. The girls loved my face mask and surgical gloves that I wore to keep Kristy from being exposed.

The anger that J is feeling toward her birth mom right now is really strong and rightfully so considering the abuse she suffered. Every morning she's been drawing a picture of birth mom and a picture of her anger that she feels toward BM. Thinking I came up with a pretty good idea to help her dispose of "some" of the anger. We're going to keep doing the pictures every day and save them. Next week when we go to the beach (bi-annual vacation) we're going to go to the most horrible public restroom I can find and dispose of them. We'll be in a different state and J grasps that concept really well so I think it will help her feel some relief.

The reason I think it will work for her is because the abusive foster mom is still "in jail" in Kristy's office and it was such a relief to J to put her there. She will still occasionally go make sure she's still there.

She's also working on making a list of gifts (gave birth to her, kept her alive, etc.) that her BM gave her and she has a special box to put them.

More will be revealed later......

Sunday was the worst I've had since being sick. She really made an effort to help and be considerate. This morning she made up my bed and left me a sweet note in the bathroom hoping that I would feel better soon. :)
We missed J's ortho appt since I was sick. Rescheduled for the 29th.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Home Again

We're home. So glad to be here. J did really well considering that Vegas is way over-stimulating. She loved Hoover Dam. As is tradition, we stopped in Boulder City to see the video of the construction of the Dam. Interesting to see the construction of the new road over the dam as well. I brought her in my room at 5:30 AM on Monday to see all the lights. "It's more beautiful than I ever thought it would be", she exclaimed. Then we proceeded to watch the sunrise over the mountains.

Monday night she ate more sushi at Nobu than I care to think about. Honestly, I think that child would eat sushi 3 times a day if you would let her. After dinner she hit a wall. Getting up at 4 AM and staying up till 9 was not a good thing.

Tuesday morning (as we were getting ready to go to the dam) she was grumpy and cantankerous. Ashley took her back upstairs to the room for a prescribed fit. She came back downstairs a different child. It totally changed things up for her and she had a fabulous day.

Tuesday night G took me to see Cher which he had been keeping a huge secret for 4/5 weeks. Great show!
Very grateful that G has to travel with work so that we have so many opportunities. Great geography lessons are had through travel!

Last night she was in the bed at 7, snoring at 7:05 and slept until 9:30 this morning.

Today we are doing mountains of laundry. Back to the real world...

Thanks to BT, Lee, and A for the award. When I'm not "Over the Top" with laundry....I'll be back.

On a sidenote: Does anyone know anything about lalemics? I have an appointment with an instructor for an evaluation with Special k next week.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Waking Up In Vegas Baby!

Still on Georgia time so I'm wide awake! Ugh. Fighting a cold. But the digs are great! Dinner tonight at Nobu. Can't wait!

Friday, October 2, 2009


After talking with Christine last night, something she said caused me to have an epiphany in the shower this morning. I've been doing guided imagery with J for quite some time. Already know she loves it....why couldn't I change it up and do one about "just her"? Since I was going to write it out to record I'll just do it here, print it out and record it tonight. I've taken the very first part and very end of the script out of the book and put my words in the middle. We'll see what happens....

Please take a moment or two to position yourself as comfortably as you can, allowing your body to be well supported....and gently letting your eyes close, if they want to...and arranging it so your head, neck and spine are straight...

Letting your hands rest comfortably somewhere on your body so that you can feel the rise of your body when you breathe in....and the way it settles back down when you breathe out...and you're becoming more and more attuned to the feel of your breath moving in and out of your body....

And now...taking a nice deep, full, cleansing breath...and breathing out, fully and completely...feeling the expansion of your belly with each breath in....and the way your body subsides with each out-breath...

And again...breathing in...and this time imagining that you're sending the warm energy of your breath to places in your body that might be sore or tense or tight.....and releasing the tension with the you can feel your breath going into those places...warming and softening and loosening them...and then, gathering it all up...and breathing out...

So that more and more you can feel safe and comfortable..relaxed and easy...watching the cleansing action of your breath...

And any unwelcome thoughts....those too can be sent out with the that just for a moment, your mind is and clear space...and you are blessed with peaceful stillness...

And any emotions that you might sense inside...those too can be noted and breathed out of your body... so you can be still and a smooth and glassy lake with no ripples...

And now, if you would...relax even deeper....knowing in your heart of hearts that I love you no matter what you can throw fits all day and I will still love you...there is nothing in this world that will ever make me give up on are my child....forever....and forever....and deserve to be deserve to have deserve to be deserve to be are a precious deserve to be deserve to be relaxed and are crystal clean on the deserve to be a normal deserve to have a good home with a family who loves deserve to have a mom that loves you and takes care of you.....I love you with my whole heart and there is nothing that you can do that will change that....forever and are my daughter.... you were born in my heart and will live there for eternity.....

It is safe to open up your heart and let all of the love inside.....your heart is large enough to hold all of the love you are is safe to love one will hurt you anymore....I love you my darling daughter....and I am so proud of you.....

So with every breath you are letting the love fill your heart....feeling it move into your muscle, tissue and bone.....all the way down into each and every cell...

So with every breath, you're inhaling the nourishing beauty of this love...bringing it into your body...breathing it into your heart..and with each exhale, you're more able to release whatever you wish to let go of...

Breathing deeply and easily...taking the peaceful beauty of the love into your body with each in-breath...and letting it move all through you...and breathing out...whatever you wish to release...strong and and out...peaceful and easy....

Sleep peacefully....feeling the love all in your body knowing you are safe, cared for, deserving of all good things....

Knowing in a deep place that this place, this love, is inside you...that you are better for this....

And so you are.....