Sunday, July 25, 2010


Last week when Connie was keeping J while we were at the hospital, she noticed that J was fretting a lot. Connie asked her what was wrong and J said, "I'm afraid Katie is going to hurt my mom."

Insert heavy sigh..... I hate that she has had to worry about such serious things. I just want her to be a kid. She deserves that.... So much....

Friday night was the first night last week that I'd been home when J went to bed. She was tired at 6:00 so I sent her on to bed at 6:30. She slept straight through till 10:30 AM on Saturday!!!!!!!

Puddin didn't get up till 10 AM!!!!

I had to take a nap yesterday and today. If I were able, I think I could sleep for a couple of days.

We've tried to focus on nothing but fun things and making sure to laugh a lot. The Tickle Monster has been "in da house" quite a bit.

I've purposely not mentioned K so that J could have a break.

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