Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Thanks to Sami and Susan I re-discovered Brad Yates and all his wonderful tapping videos.  He also has a new website just for tapping with kids.  The Wizard's Wish  Remember that you really can't screw this up.  It's easy and it's free.  Plus you can use it for your kids and yourself.  What have you got to lose????

A quote from Brad Yates:
"It is not my intention to claim that this tapping will produce a miracle cure. However, I share the belief with many others that EFT always works... but sometimes the results are very subtle. Sometimes it's kind of like taking a vitamin - it is benefiting you, but you may not feel it in a profound way. And, oftentimes the positive effects of EFT are immediate and powerful - I hope that happens for you."

Here's a link to his you tube page for tapping with kids.  Click here.

There are tons of videos on his you tube channel.  Here's a link to Brad's you tube page for adults.

I've put in some of my favorites below.  Happy tapping.

Clearing Anger

Weight Loss & Loving Your Body

On Being Judged

Choosing to Feel Love

Changing the Past

Rejection and Abandonment

Changing Your Mind -  This one is really great for J.

Losing Your Temper



I Can't Let It Go

Clearing Guilt & Shame

Not Ready to Heal

What You Hate About Yourself

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Orlando & Healing

This is my very belated post on the awesomeness of Orlando.  Unless you've been it's really hard to describe and honestly, I've wanted to hoard all that awesomeness to myself.  There's been lots of processing and healing since coming home too.  How I wish I could bottle it all up and pass it on to every mother that is parenting in hard places.

We, as mothers, can become bankrupt from the trauma that we live in and we cannot see the way out of the deep, dark well.  Someone can throw a rope down to us but for the life of us we cannot figure out how to climb that rope.  One more step seems insurmountable, heaven forbid having to actually put one hand over the other and drag ourselves up the rope.  Yet, in Orlando, we are emotionally fed, nurtured, coaxed and loved unconditionally into believing that we can do it.

In sharing about tapping (EFT) and rubbing (psychological reversals)  I was honored to walk (and cry) with many women into the hard places and negative beliefs that we have about ourselves.  It was not easy for any of them, yet they did it.  Facing insurmountable, painful heartbreaks takes bravery that few can comprehend.  I cannot think of a way to write this without sounding condescending but I am so proud of them.  The courage to do this hard stuff is not, by any means, easy.  It's incredibly painful but they did it anyway.  To most of them I was a complete stranger but they let me walk with them on this very personal journey.  It was very humbling experience.

Most of them are not aware but through this walk there was a huge level of healing for me.   Everything that I worked on with these women were things that I needed to work on.  Maybe I knew it and was afraid to admit it or maybe I had no conscious idea and these women were a gift to help me help myself.  Maybe it's "D", all of the above.  I do know that I went to Orlando having had constant chest pains for several months and since I've left Orlando the chest pains are completely gone.  Not even a blip has occurred.  The laughing, the crying, tapping, rubbing all culminated in me feeling lighter and happier.  Each and every woman was a gift.  A rare and precious gift that I didn't even know I needed.  A very humble thank you to each and every one of you because you touched my heart and healed wounds I didn't even know I had or was too afraid to face.  I am a better person and mom because of you.

I laughed until I cried and I cried until I laughed.

This year Orlando had a level of healing for so many.  On a private FB alumni board many share challenges, struggles and victories.  Being the introvert that I am I rarely comment, thinking that I have little to share.  But I always read.  In reading the hearts of these amazing women it has warmed me all over to listen to them share victories and hope in their words.  Reading about them going from hopeless to hopeful is nothing short of beautiful.  They are grabbing the tools that they learned from Christine's class, or Heather's hooping, tapping or rubbing or another mother that shared what works for them.....it's priceless.

These women are standing up and declaring to the world, "I CAN do it" and are totally rocking the therapeutic parenting.  Wowza!

You, beautiful women....... You. Amaze. And. Inspire. Me.  I carry you all in my heart.

My favorite pic of the weekend.  Thank you, Gala, for capturing this moment.

5K Walk-Runs-12

On the last night, our house had a family meeting and we each shared the gifts that we were given during our weekend.  I'm not going to share the details but this is just a few things on my list.  Those of you that were there know who you are and understand.

A sacred time shared with Corey and all her strength and awesomeness.
Tapping epiphany: I don't need my weight to keep me safe anymore.
Chocolate breasts
The Vagina Song
Holy f**# Batman
Unconditional love
Best. Birthday. Ever.
Dia's wisdom
Barbara reading my mind.
A sermon from Heather
GB's Mom.  Her strength and kindness.
Ericka's gift to me.
Bedtime stories and laughter with Stellar Parenting
A stolen moment with Christine and a cherished gift.
Spending time with Tab & Susan
Kelley's gentle spirit and artistic abilities
Amina's courage
The amazing energy in our house
Party on a rock
Rose's kindness.  She had no idea she was gently encouraging me to face my fears.
The bonds created with the extraordinary women in our house.

I can't NOT share these.  Healing and Awesomeness.  Go, you know you want to.... or not, but go anyway. :)

Lindsay: Not Talking About It

Joy: Cheering

Last Mom: Healing

Stellar Parenting:  You Are Enough

Sheri: Orlando

Yes, I've said "gift" many times.

Sorry about that but Orlando = A Gift Experience.

Thank you, Corey, for being The Organizer Extraordinaire of Orlando and to all the women who help her pull this weekend together.  Thank you for the gifts.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tapping, Psychological Reversals & Wet Dog Shake for Trauma

Wet Dog Shake for Trauma (search more about shaking on the right in the search bar)

Psychological Reversals (Rubbing) Think of Rubbing as rubbing out a stain.  The negative thought or belief is always stated first and the opposite positive phrase is stated last.  Do it 3 times by rubbing gently on the sore spots on your chest.  It is a gentle circular motion.

Tapping (a/k/a EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique) You're tapping in a positive phrase.