Monday, September 29, 2008

Crazy Straws

The harping about the importance of a RAD child "sucking" "with their cheecks" on a bottle is about to end. I promise. I remembered from somewhere that it can be helpful for them to use a crazy straw like you will see here. Because of yet again, the sucking motion. Now why I did not figure out that J had to "suck" on the bottle is still beyond me. Brain fart I suppose. So now I'm incorporating the crazy straws back onto the dinner table. We did it for about a month a year or so ago but I am dragging them back out of the booby-trapped drawer in the kitchen.

Really increasing J's baby time right now as she is still struggling and it seems to be very calming and soothing to her. G seems to think it's ridiculous and will not even sit in the same room while we have baby time but that's ok too. Reading to her while she's soaking in a salt/soda bath is calming as well. She sleeps soooo much better after a salt/soda bath. That is 1 lb sea salt and 1 lb baking soda which is about 2 cups of each.

Friday and yesterday were especially hard but trudging through as best we can.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Post Therapy

While therapy was a challenge yesterday...A. Big. Challenge. Great improvements since though. Count them...5 restraints. J was pretty scared too. Both of us and I am sure, Kristy too, were very tired afterwards. At the end it is customary for J to thank Kristy for helping her get the yuckies out yesterday she added..."Thank you for holding me too" because she was trying to hurt herself so much.

Home for lots of baby time with warm, chocolate, goat milk after a salt/soda bath. She was exhausted, as was I. After she was tucked in I fell in the bed shortly thereafter. Pooped puppy I was.... Could've slept till noon.

I prescribed lots of laughter to Jessi this morning as laughter always makes it harder for the yuckies to stick. More unschooling going on too and she has no idea that she is learning so much.'s a secret....don't tell her or she'll quit.

The fairy came to sprinkle her last night so she was very quickly enamored this morning when she saw all the fairy dust. That darn fairy! She just shows up out of nowhere! ;-)

She is getting better at her yoga poses that Kristy suggested to help her find her center. Mountain is easy of course but the tree pose is much harder. For me too...but I am learning that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks!

Thanks to each of you for all of your support. You really don't know how much I appreciate all of you. It's hard living in a RAD world at times but having great friends like you helps heaps!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Wednesday!!!!

Yesterday J did well all day with Jessi then as soon as I walked in the door....BOOM! Restraint time again. Really upping the ante for her and keeping her right by my side All.The.Time.

Well...the good news is J did well in the Reiki session last night and this morning was started without a restraint. Yeah! Salt/baking soda bath and baby time after session.

I am always excited about Wednesday's because it's THERAPY DAY!!! Woo hoo! Doing a little happy dance! A big session is planned today. Chris is coming to do Reiki and we'll start the session off with all 3 of us doing Reiki on her. I just dropped off the Reiki table at Kristy's office so that J won't have a clue.

There's alot I can't explain here but I am asking you to trust me and to pray that a large amount of yuckies will turn loose and leave today. Praying for miracles and expecting them.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It's amazing to me that our Radish lives (behaviors) are so parallel. We all live in different areas of the country and yet our kids seem to be pulling out similar behaviors at the exact same time. Interesting indeed....

I have spent several days wanting and wishing to blog about some things that are happening in our household but know that I can't right now.

2 restraints unavoidable this morning. 2 restraints necessary during AT yesterday. 3 hour AT session scheduled tomorrow. Something rattling (so much that it woke me up) my (locked) bedroom door at midnight while J was sleeping soundly in her room. J's prayer has become our mantra lately and it's said on an almost hourly basis.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Mom and more

Thanks for all the prayers. It's been really appreciated.
Come to find out Mom's regular doctor prescribed a diuretic to go along with her blood pressure meds since her b/p meds haven't been working as well. This is a BIG problem because my mother has another condition that makes her have to drink water All.The.Time. (honestly...that's what her heart dr prescribed). If she doesn't drink water constantly she immediately passes out. She melts like a puddle onto the floor. So it goes without saying the diuretics were working against having to drink all the water so her sodium level bottomed out. By the time my dad got her to the hospital her b/p was 195/124. Very scary! They gave her an additional med to go with her b/p meds and told her to drink nothing but pedialyte or gatorade and eat extra salt. Today she goes to her heart dr and I am hoping she will inquire about a regular physician that will COMMUNICATE with her heart DR!

On the home front, we are still struggling. J is struggling with losing Chrissi and some days it drives me bonkers. Pushing to get in lots of baby time (remembering that she has to suck on the bottle) and snuggle time. Also using crazy straws with her mealtime drinks which is helpful for the sucking motions for her brain too.

I am still struggling because I. Miss. Chrissi. She was my daughter and friend for a year and now she is on another continent and it HURTS. Chrissi is not doing too well herself and is struggling too.

Lots of stress going on to with John having heart surgery, my aunt dying, then my mom, I've had the flu or some silliness. I am tired folks. Linda put it well here.

By 8:30 this AM I already had a phone call this morning that J was trying to be mean to Puddin, then threw a holy roller meltdown with the beating of the walls, doors, etc.

It is Monday.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Please Pray

Please pray for my mother. My dad is on the way to the hospital taking her to the emergency room. We think she may have a blockage in her heart. She has been going downhill fast this week. I am so scared. Leaving now to go to the hospital.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Thanks for the emails but I am really puny right now and just don't feel like typing. Just a very bad cold. Plus I miss Chrissi. Chrissi's sad, we're sad....we're all a sad lot at the moment. We were supposed to talk on Skype Monday night but I just felt too much like crap. Would've let J talk with her but I feel so yucky that I just didn't think I was up to managing behaviors.

God bless Chris....she did Reiki on me too last night. Weird stuff with J's session and really bad behavior afterwards.

I'll be back....just got to start feeling a little better.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Chrissi left yesterday and J had appropriate sadness and cried a lot off and on for the rest of the evening. Only a RAD mom would be so excited that their kid was sad. This is really great progress for J. I did lots of holdings with her yesterday and baby time (now that I know important it is that she SUCK on the bottle instead of chewing it) with chocolate goat milk (you already know that most RAD kids are allergic to bovine milk/cheese and it doesn't mimic lactose intolerance but meltdowns/behaviors instead) and chocolate oatmeal cookies. When you're sad you can never have too much chocolate. ;-)

Lordy I was sad to see Chrissi go home. Hugs at the airport and pictures made then I had to turn and start walking before I lost it in the middle of the airport. I sure do love that child and she was such a wonderful blessing for us this past year. She will be back to America of that I am sure. Probably before she expects to. She's going to have a hard time with a lot of things but she will persevere because she is not a quitter. Yes...Chrissi....I know that you are reading this so get out your American dictionary and look up persevere. ;-) Ok...enough about Chrissi cause I'm about to start crying again. :-(

Jessi is only going to let J have fun for the rest of the week to help her cope some with Chrissi leaving. A plan formed by AT, Chris & I and I think it's a good one. Jessi knows that if she's having a really hard time to bring her to my office so that we can cuddle and I can console her. I sure do wish I could be at home today. Friday afternoon 4:15 our time and 10:15 Chrissi's time we'll be talking on Skype. Thank God for Skype! If you don't know about it you need to check it out. All you need is a webcam with a microphone and you talk for FREE long distance anywhere with anyone else who has Skpye. It's in real time and it's a wonderful way to keep in touch with loved ones and the bonus is to be able to see them too. Check out

Chrissi, J has carried Bo Peep everywhere and is convinced (hoping) you'll be here for a visit at Christmas! Selfishly wishing you were here too.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Winding down -edited

Emergency attachment therapy with Kristy (AT) yesterday proved to be very helpful. While there it was discovered that since we've uncovered all these new demons J is having another internal struggle believing that I will not give up on her. Her energy was flipped again and Kristy was able to flip it again. Here is a direct quote from AT to Chris on the other blog we keep to just focus on therapies:

Lisa will probably want to add to this, but the session was very positive. We worked on straightening out J's energy; she was able to relate to being afraid her awesome mom might not be able to handle the evil yuckies (and her fear is higher, so her basic fear of not trusting her care-giver - awesome mom - is ratcheted up). She received reassurance from mom.

When Lisa first adopted J, J would eat other people's food and restaurant food, but not Lisa's food. Lisa took her for mexican before our appt, just to see, and J gobbled up her food. We processed this as well. Then we did some regressive work with J sitting in mom's lap, being fed warm, soft cookies with a baby spoon and drinking apple juice. It was hard for J to maintain eye contact with Lisa, but she did relax and I thought the energy/aura around her was much more peaceful than I have seen in awhile.

She is still really scared and as a result gets giddy/silly when we work on the heart connection with Lisa. But, at the end of the session her energy was strong and more focused and she was determined, at least for tonight to be strong, good and kind to her awesome mom. We called on AA Michael and J called on her angel, Sarial, who brought her thousands and will stay with her all night holding her hand.

I did regressive (bottle feeding & spoon feeding) while cradling ALOT when J first arrived but thought she was past it as it no longer had the great affect. I still do regressive work with J at home albeit not near enough and I am going to make a concerted effort to do this more often right now. Kristy also pointed out that it's VERY important that J SUCK on the bottle's nipple to get the juice out rather than chew on the nipple. It is REALLY important for her brain to suck while looking in my eyes. I did not know that. Just assumed that it was ok to do this. Point taken and correction made.

Chris has given her a new prayer to say to the yuckies:

“ 'I am a child of God. You will not influence me any longer. You are no longer welcome. You must leave. I command this in the name of God and in the name of Jesus Christ.' ”

"Say this 3 times whenever she seems to be at her worst. Say it also, three times, before she retires in the evening and once she awakens in the morning – before anything else. It is important that you keep commanding, as opposed to demanding.

There are more details to this prayer that I'm not going to blog about here but Texas Mary & Gerri, you know what I'm talking about.

J now has the prayer memorized as we worked diligently on it last night.

We are winding down to Chrissi's last days in America. We will leave to take her to the airport at lunch on Monday. Sad to see her go but it is the best for all of us and I know she's excited to see her family. Her family is going to be shocked at what an independent woman she has become.
I am taking avantage of the last days by taking a break this weekend so that I can come back recharged & revitalized.

More winding down in that my aunt, Cheryl (father's sister) is now in a coma and it's only a matter of hours that she has yet to fight.

John is still in CCU and waiting to see if the doctors can come up with a plan.

To end on a high note I discovered this site by total accident. The 30 Day Gourmet is a woman after my own heart. I have been making and freezing meals from all my favorite recipes for years now to make life easier. Folks....I even freeze mashed potatoes!!! So why bother getting this cook book??? Because I loved that she had grocery lists that I can download (keep me from having to write All.That.Stuff.), ways to organize my freezer meals and that she had a wonderful set of freezer lunches that can be used for kids that go to brick and mortar schools and working parents. I'm going to try doing the latter and save some money on lunches. She even has some vegetarian meals I'm going to try. It's wonderful to be able to have a REAL dinner on the table in 15 minutes or less and it'll be even better to have some new freezable recipes. So if you want a huge timesaver give this a try. She led me to another site that had wonderful ideas on frozen breakfast because that's when I really stress. Trying to have a healthy, filling breakfast and get me out the door to work at the same time. I may have to put another freezer on my wish list. :-)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't hit publish before you finish

My butt is draggin and I am tired. I know J is going through some stuff. I am not going to quit on her or the therapies that I KNOW will help her in the long run. Nope. Even though I know it would make it easier right now. I am not a quiter. But I am butt draggin tired and frustrated and sad (probably mad too if I'm REALLY honest) and just trying to put one foot in front of the other. I am soooo out of patience but I try not to show it to the princess.

Last night when we got home after AT and she walked in the door in front of me saying, "Iggy goes first!" On the inside I said, "oh no she just didn't!!!!) (Iggy is her pet name that I call her that is short for Ignoramus since she STILL isn't going to school and NO she has no idea what it means and I don't use it in a sarcastic tone of voice. Sometimes it's Wiggy Iggy when she's wigging out.) She got the pleasure of sitting outside in our glorious fall weather for a bit. Again...patience has left the building.

This morning she threw a screaming, kicking fit on Jessi and I am thankful Jessi didn't get hurt. G goes over to my house and tries to talk her in his Oh J is soooo pitiful voice. Now J....we don't hit our teacher....we need to go to school now let's just see if we can do what the teacher says for just an hour sweetie.... Wonder what part of "we" did that???? For 30 minutes she was actually able to follow Jessi's directions but she never made it school. *heavy sigh*
Y'all did notice that I wasn't in on any of that right????

I'm so scattered I hit post before I was through.

J is now refusing to eat again and refusing to poop again. Control on crack is what I'm talking about.

A very dear friend of mine was supposed to have a heart cath done yesterday. Dr's refused to do it. The whole bottom of his heart is blocked, he has blockages in his legs and emphysema. Doing more tests today. Before this happened he was already running on only 40% of his heart due to damage from a botched heart surgery 15 years ago.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This morning J was all of sorts. Couldn't do power sitting to save her life. Couldn't find her good attitude either. When I left to go to work she still couldn't find either. That's an hour of struggle. A morning filled with lovely (I'm being facetious here) devil inspired "I'm waiting on you to turn your head so I can kill you and drink your blood" looks from my dear child.

I have no idea how "babysitting" (formerly known as school) time went because you know I gave that up. I do know that it was pretty darn ugly for Chrissi yesterday afternoon. G came over for dinner. He had bought some beautiful filet mignon's that just lit up my carnivorous life. I threw them on the grill and Chrissi had baked potatoes so life was complete. An hour later J is still eating. Push, push, pushing those buttons. Opening her mouth wide to let us see the masticated steer in all it's glory. Yum! Groaning, whining and complaining dramatically to all who would listen.

Thanking God that Chris got there when she did because 4 days of this unrelentless behavior was making me want to just pinch her little head off! Things were much improved after the Reiki session. During snuggle time J said, "mama, I don't want my yuckies to leave but I DO want them to leave." Trying to be understanding because I know how hard it is to give something up even though you really want to. It's become really comfortable so it's hard to release sometimes.

This morning when I went to get her up she was STILL in a deep sleep. Yahoo! No dark circles under her eyes. (She does have a long scratch across her forehead where she must have scratched herself during her sleep.) She said that she was only up to go to the bathroom one time and then went right back to sleep. J was very in control of the yuckies today. Sweet, strong, brave J was back! Very good attitude, trying hard, being helpful, etc. No more evil, "I'm going to kill you" looks.

Whew! Another storm weathered!

Oppositional Defiant

This weekend was a very (ODD) weekend for J. As all you RAD moms know that if you just tell them to do the opposite of what you actually want them to do they will do what you want. Didn't. Work.


Very clingy with G. Would walk on the other side of him to keep from holding my hand, etc. Sitting next to him at breakfast.... In essence trying to push my buttons. Didn't. Work.

Yeah for me!

I was off yesterday and J stayed with Chrissi. I layed in the bed until noon (not asleep) at the lake! Gasp! Watched Gustav on CNN all morning.
At noon I finally got out of the bed at noon and dragged my sorry fanny to the couch and watched 27 Dresses. Finally got dressed at 2:30 just before G got home from work at 3. Enjoyed some quality time with him until 6ish and made it home just in time to kiss J goodnight.