Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Thanks to Sami and Susan I re-discovered Brad Yates and all his wonderful tapping videos.  He also has a new website just for tapping with kids.  The Wizard's Wish  Remember that you really can't screw this up.  It's easy and it's free.  Plus you can use it for your kids and yourself.  What have you got to lose????

A quote from Brad Yates:
"It is not my intention to claim that this tapping will produce a miracle cure. However, I share the belief with many others that EFT always works... but sometimes the results are very subtle. Sometimes it's kind of like taking a vitamin - it is benefiting you, but you may not feel it in a profound way. And, oftentimes the positive effects of EFT are immediate and powerful - I hope that happens for you."

Here's a link to his you tube page for tapping with kids.  Click here.

There are tons of videos on his you tube channel.  Here's a link to Brad's you tube page for adults.

I've put in some of my favorites below.  Happy tapping.

Clearing Anger

Weight Loss & Loving Your Body

On Being Judged

Choosing to Feel Love

Changing the Past

Rejection and Abandonment

Changing Your Mind -  This one is really great for J.

Losing Your Temper



I Can't Let It Go

Clearing Guilt & Shame

Not Ready to Heal

What You Hate About Yourself

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