Friday, April 12, 2013

NR - 1st - 3 Month Appointment

During neuro you go back every 3 months for a check-in appointment and the practitioner will re-evaluate to note any changes and to make adjustments to the protocol.  We had our first re-evaluation on April 10th.  Typically the program lasts for two years depending on how much effort you put into it and how much your child is willing/able to do.

5 hours later and we were through with both girls.  I am over-the-moon happy to report that George has completed a years worth of neuro work in this first 3 months.  The practitioner was stunned at her progress and said she had never seen it happen before.  Nicki, (George's mom) has had other friends that have noticed a huge difference in George too but hearing it from the practitioner was so affirming.  George was quick to tell Emily how much better she felt and how proud she is of the work that she has done.  She was able to verbalize that she no longer has the fear and anxiety level that she had previously and that she feels more in control of her life.  She was also excited to start on the next segment.  I don't know who was more excited, me, Emily, George or George's mom.  It would have to be a toss up.

Emily explained to George that school was no longer going to be such a challenge for her because now she'll be storing information in the correct parts of her brain.  Prior to neuro the wobbly eye movement caused George to store information in several different parts of her brain and therefore she couldn't recall things correctly.  We've already noticed this difference in other areas of her memory retention and her ability to follow 4 and 5 step directions with no problem.  Previously it was incredibly challenging for her and she would become easily frustrated when she couldn't recall information.

Today we saw George's p-doc.  Currently, George is on several different medications.  Dr. B. was so shocked at George's transformation and said if this continues she's going to start removing meds at her July appointment because it doesn't look like she's going to need them.  Her self-regulation continues to amaze all of us.

So, so, so proud of George and all of her hard work.  She is totally a rock star!

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acceptance with joy said...

Thanks for the feedback. We are going to do this.... I have made contact with a therapist and I want to move forward except that I have two foster kids that are babies right now. I'm overwhelmed with my market garden and the twin's behaviors, so I'm waiting for the babies to go back home. praying that court goes well May 8. And then, we'll be jumping in both feet! The twins are so going to hate me :-)