Thursday, November 27, 2008

Grateful Day

Since I do a gratitude list every day I am just focusing on what I am grateful for on this very day. There is so much to be grateful for....lunch with my family, putting up the tree, dear friends, a roof over my head, trading the yuckies for the grumpies, a pot of black beans on the stove, and the list could go on and on.

Thanksgiving traditions in our family are eating at Papa's & Monya's, putting up the tree then going to see the lights in our city park. We live in a very small town but they do a really great Christmas light show that's free. So every year we go to see the lights in our jammies. And this year...same as last...I didn't plan well and had to get gas on the way home. Last year Chrissi volunteered to get out and get gas. God bless her! This I had to get a small town.... and get gas.... in my jammies. The horror! Thankfully I didn't see anyone I know. Whew! Chrissi, I really missed you tonight. Not that I don't every day but I REALLY missed you tonight!

Traditions are really important but I think especially for a radilicious kid. When they start remembering the traditions from year to year it's a really big deal. We have weekly and monthly traditions and of course J remembers those but tonight she remembered Christmas light jammie fest. I was so proud! Plus during the trip she was recounting memories from last year's excursion which was also cool. Chrissi, you were specifically named in a couple of the memories. Do you remember what she remembered?

J's homework from the AT was to start keeping a journal. I've had one waiting to give her so she started writing last night. She was quiet as a mouse for about 30 minutes. Concentration was in full force too. I've given her an outline for the journal and wrote it in the front of the book so that she has a "cheat sheet". Her outline is:

Day and date (to practice spelling days and months)
Dear God,
Today I felt sad when:
Today I felt mad when:
Today I felt glad when:
Today I felt scared when:

The things I like about myself are: (working on self-esteem and positive inner dialogue)

Today I am grateful for:

(It will actually only be 4 things to be grateful for since she can always put me on the list.) We do this list every night at the dinner table so it will be great that she can do this on her own.

I thought she would have a hard time with the salutation because she has been punished repeatedly in the name of religion by a particular family so I considered suggesting Dear Diary. Finally I decided to give her 3 choices and she chose Dear God. He is starting to become much less scary to her and it makes me so happy. She has completed two days without a complaint and seems to be enjoying it.

Thanks to every one of you who welcomed and congratulated Tracey. It is greatly appreciated! I am so honored that she allowed me to announce the great news. She is going to be a great mom!

Hoping all of you had a day of peace, love and light. Those of you out shopping tomorrow....may the force be with you! ;-) So glad it's you and not me!


Kristina P. said...

I'm happy you had a lovely day. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jillene said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Holly said...

Glad you braved pumping gas in your jammies, now it's another memory for her to tuck away. I love the journal. I hope this is also a way for her to continue to let herself feel and develop who she is.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you had fun at the lights. Who cares that you had to gas up in your jammies! That's the fun of it.
I am glad that J is doing so well with the 'God' issue. That is so sad that another family made him seem so scary to her.
That is not a way to live.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Accidental Mommy said...

I like the idea of the journal. I think I will do that with my kids. I've been trying to figure out how to teach them how to care about anything.

I went to one black friday sale and I came straight home. lol

And just so you know, there were a ton of people in their jammies on black friday, so I think pumping gas isn't a big deal. *wink*

Perspective is Everything said...

Pumping gas in your jammies.. now that would've been a pix to post on your blog.. lol! Good to hear J is enjoying the holidays.

Unspeakable Joy said...

oh, love the journaling starter idea! em does a happy list (because she doesn't remember being happy very much) and has to talk about feelings, but we don't write them all down. love the idea of writing different ones. thanks!

Muppet said...

Oh, I LOVE love love love that you gave a journal.

I got my first journal when I was.. 6? And it changed my life. I completely think that every child should have one... I think it helps teach you how to tap into yourself, and how to solve some problems on your own. AMAZING CHOICE.

I used to do that... I think I learned it from.. Simple Abundance? Is that the name of that book.. hmm... Listing out 5 things you're grateful for every day. Maybe I should start that up again.

Brenda said...

We did some journaling for awhile. My boys had such a hard time with it. They really need to work on it again. Thanks for the reminder.

Alyssa's Mom said...

I have a little case of the mopies but I will blog soon.

Thinking of you and J.