Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Woo Hoo!

Katharine Leslie is going to be doing a webinar. May 18th. 10 AM to 11:30 AM CST. $30.00 Grab all your fellow Radical mom's, invite them over for tea and split the cost. Continuing education credits will be issued if you need/want them. Dr. Leslie gets rave reviews every where she presents so I think you'll love it. Also a parent to radicals which gives her big stars in my book. ;-) She doesn't just "get it", she lives it. Please steal this and post it on your blog. You never know...there might be a radical mom out there that could really use this!

Parenting from the Trenches
Do you have a child who lies, steals, sneaks, stalks, hordes, chatters non-stop, or urinates in places other than the potty, etc? In this webinar Dr. Leslie will teach you essential, sensible, safe and effective solutions to your child's behavior problems that can also increase positive behaviors in your child, create an attachment friendly environment, simplify daily life, reduce family conflict, and even get some of your parental needs met. Dr. Leslie will weave lecture material around questions from the audience.

This is a 90 minute Webinar

Quick overview of attachment and brain facts

What children are supposed to give to the parent-child relationship

What do you really want from your child?

Preventing negative behaviors

Rehearsing positive behaviors

Punishment vs consequences: What's good for you?

Click here to sign up: Parenting in the Trenches


BT said...

Sorry to chime in late on this. For the swimming hair: what you need is called a clarifying shampoo. Highly recommend you spring for a good one from a hair-products place rather than the more economical version at Wal-M. The clarifying shampoo will strip the chemicals off J's hair, which should restore it. It won't repair splits, so you may need to do a trim around the bottom. Our son's hair gets brittle fast from swim lessons too, and our hairdresser gave me this advice about clarifying shampoo (which I'd never heard of) -- it works like a charm. Our son's skin is also super-sensitive to the chlorine (showering doesn't prevent his sensitivity) -- a really good moisturizer took care of the skin.

Jillene said...

I am so glad that there are things like this for you and other RAD moms----it's AWESOME!!

Hannah_Rae said...

DARN!!! I have a meeting scheduled for that exact same time slot. Shoot! I was super looking forward to that too. :(

Dinah said...

Ok, I'm trying to figure out if I can get someone to come in and watch my kidlets for 90 minutes. I am super excited! :)

Muppet Soul said...


I have never taken such a thing...