Thursday, March 10, 2011

Parents of Trauma - Edited

Christine has created a really great map to show that we really AREN'T alone.  Go here if you're a parent of trauma and add yourself.  Do it.  Be connected.  Just knowing there is someone close by is comforting.

Edited to add:
Things started getting wonky and moved around so now you need to email christine moers at hotmail . com and she'll put you on THE MAP!  Just do it.  You may have support right around the corner and not even know it.

View Parents of Trauma in a larger map

Orlando proved that we aren't alone.  If you didn't go to Orlando you still aren't alone.


Annie said...

I stuck myself on there; unfortunately the only person near me is either a mistake, or didn't add any information!

Locketts said...

This map is genius for all of us Trauma Mama admirers - a key to where all our favorite heroes live. Love to all of you.

Seven From Heaven said...

I think its awesome. This is the loneliest time of my life. That map made me feel much better.

QuackenBaby said...

I'm on there... I wish my dot and your dot were closer together!! NOT FAIR!