Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's SOOOOO Silly

But tapping is silly, folks.  Why on earth would I do something that looks so silly????

Well guess what?  Brad has a video for that.  :)  Thanks, Susan, for turning me onto this.

Just an FYI, I tend to use all Brad's tapping videos for adults with J rather than the ones he did for children.


Tapping for Parents (even though my child has problems)

Wanting to Quit and Just Give Up

On Being Awesome

One I need to use more often. (Shut my mouth)

On Being Adorable and Lovable

Quote from EFT Wizard
"EFT (“Emotional Freedom Technique”) is a powerful method of alternative healing that anyone can do. It is fast, effective, drug-free and doesn't cause nasty side effects. All it takes is a little bit of “tapping” and some focus, and you too can become an “EFT Wizard” and create some magic in your life.
EFT has been reported to help with all kinds of ailments and performance issues, including anxiety, depression, addiction, sports performance, procrastination, phobias, and even physical illnesses such as allergies and diabetes. Placebo effect? Or something more? You decide."
I've even heard that Justin B i eb her is doing it.  Now that's a reason to try it if nothing else motivates you. :)

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GB's Mom said...

Ok, I am ready to jump back into the fray. Tapping it is. I love you.