Sunday, November 18, 2012


Dear Traumaversary,

You suck.

Your visit is shorter with every passing year and your symptoms are much less pronounced and I am extremely grateful.

This is the first year e.v.e.r. that we were able to celebrate J's birthday on her actual day.  I didn't have to have it 3 or 4 weeks early just to thwart your chaos.  That is huge.  I'm grateful for this as well.

Yet this year you decided to delay your arrival until after her birthday for your annual torture visit.  You were trying to trick me and I am not impressed with your deceitfulness.

So Traumaversary, we've had 7 years of your visits and I am t.i.r.e.d. of you.  Would you please just move on already?  Pretty please....

****I can hear you laughing****

That's really not nice, you know.....


Last Mom said...

We are so there, too. Big time. This is our third year and it has gotten worse each year. I think she feels safer to unleash it. Her birthday is Thursday/Thanksgiving (also 12 this year). Yuck.

Kelley said...

Love you my friend!

Diana said...

Not a fan of them here, either. Not because of a traumaversary, per se, but just because trauma plain sucks, we've been to the land of Wonkeyville around here, too. I've decided that PTSD + triggers + celebrations = the perfect storm. Quick...everyone into the fallout shelter.

Sending all kinds of love and light and prayers that it passes quickly.

marythemom said...

Traumaversaries suck - this is one of the big ones for us too, plus the start of the holidays. Sounds like you've taken some steps forward so I'm happy for you.

Sending hugs and prayers! I can't believe our "babies" have been with us for 6 years! Once again I want to thank you for your timely advice about what to include in our adoption subsidy. It has literally saved my daughter's life.

Mary in Texas