Monday, November 19, 2012

Dissociation Tip

I fell onto this tip....J hardly ever dissociates anymore but when she does it's during traumaversary.  I had the brilliant idea to have her sing.  Old MacDonald, happy birthday, Wheels on the Bus.... whatever is relatively easy for them to sing over and over.

My concentration level requirement sets the volume level.  Sometimes it's whisper volume or if we're riding in the car it's equal to the volume on the radio which is usually extremely loud  boisterous.  No, we can't carry a tune but we belt it out anyway.

We've also used reciting the alphabet, lists of proper nouns, lists of adverbs, lists of adjectives.  The sky is the limit...

Whatever keeps the brain engaged and the dissociation at bay. still suck.  Maybe I should work on embracing you but I'm not there yet.

Maybe next year.

Next year I'll be waiting on you till Christmas.  So there!

Would someone please remind me of this next year????

P.S.  I have a new favorite thing coming.  More details later but you can start checking it out here.  My friend, Mitra, shared it with me and we've been using it for 3 months.  It's the bomb.


NoMatterWhatMom said...

We do the repetitive songs, too. I also taught my kids the "ABC's of Gratitude." We start with "A" and say, "Thank you, God for [something that starts with 'A']. Thank you, God for [something that starts with 'B']," etc. It can be something serious or silly, as long as it keeps us working through the alphabet. We use it for getting calm enough to sleep, too. The structure keeps us going and the gratitude resets our sense of well-being.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

We do adding, favorite colors of mandm's etc. However, it all still fails plenty of times.

funny you mention this because I just read a study that shows the math processing center of the brain cannot activate at the same time as the deep emotion and memory center.

I'm so sad for her that it is all still so powerful.

Annie said...

Essie - interesting! That explains why I can't ever do math, my emotions and memories are MUCH more important to me.... whereas Anastasia LOVES doing math - and that explains why! It brings her relief! Wow.

Lisa, I am very interested in hearing more about the book!