Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Thing That Will Push Me Through Today

I asked Marna if I could post her email that got me through yesterday.  I have printed it and will read it several times today.  J has read it and loves it too so I'm pretty sure she'll be reading through the day as well.

Man, NR does SUCK. It's so hard, harder then just one hard thing. It is beyond hard. It reaches into hard and turns it inside out!!!! Because of that....keep kickin' it in the butt!!! Fight harder. Beat it. Keep going. Going. Going.

What you have seen on the fast track of kickin' it proves you are reaching areas that would never have been. So now, we love NR and HATE it ALL at the same time. Stink!! I hate that love hate thing!!!

This is why I keep going. Just when I think I can let up, not do it, I see those kind of "deeper issues" arise, and I know I have been the fuel behind the fire to reach our children's pain. It has been brought to the light of exposure to only get released and hopefully GONE!!!

I'm/your stronger, a fighter, and NR will not beat me/you. Whether we are on the slow track or fast.....we will DO NR cause it does work!

Go, go, go LiSA!!!!!!!!!



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