Friday, March 1, 2013

NR - Day 4

Tough, tough, tough.....

My sweet girl is processing something so big and she cannot turn loose of it.  If I knew what it was I would fix it or walk her through it.  It has to be something pre-verbal.  I am sure of that.  

I know this is a process and I really believe that we're right in the middle of a miracle but it sucks in the middle.  Wishing I could make it better for her.  Wishing I could carry it for her.  Feeling helpless.

I love my girl so much and I hate, hate, hate not knowing how to help her. At this very moment in time my mind is spewing venom at ALL the people who hurt her so badly.  This does not make the situation better but I need to be mad at someone right now and they are it.  I'll work on forgiving them later but not tonight.

All I can do right now is tell her, "I'm right here and I'm not leaving."

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