Thursday, November 20, 2008


Y'all have given such great suggestions! I am impressed but better than that I am going to actually DO them. Never even thought about power strips or unplugging my computer. I have run around the house all evening double-checking everything and trying to implement everything I can. I've been in love with CFL's for several years and certainly worth the money. The kitchen and breakfast room are the only rooms to go because the ceiling is 15ft and the canned lights are just a little out of my reach. Need another adult around to help change those out.

Coupon suzy dot com is a new friend. Going to call the electric company in the morning. Change of plans on dinner tonight. Bodie Beans (pinto beans) and cornbread. Huge pot of pintos with garlic, onion and habanero pepper. My stars! They rocked the house! Later there will probably be a literal rocking of the house but they were so worth it! Especially since J had 3 bowls! Thanks Cindy! I cleaned the coils under the fridge and freezer so that should help some too. It was scary under there!

We are really doing well here considering. Keep the ideas coming because they are being put to good use. J is doing really well in school. She's moved through 77 lessons in math in 2 weeks. Hoping I can keep up!

Tomorrow I have a date with my other daughter, Cindy. She's taking me to dinner and a movie as a Christmas present. I am so excited for the opportunity to spend time with her. She's a blast! J is going to go stay with my mom and actually sleep there for a bit. I'll get home after her bedtime so we're doing a tester to see how it goes. This will be the first time sleeping at my parent's. I've promised her that she will wake up in her bed. She's excited to go to Monya's but wanted to make sure that she would be at home with me when she wakes up Saturday morning.

Queen K, I am with Torina, never read anything by you until you have an empty mouth and bladder. Of course, Torina is just about as dangerous. Gerri's private emails are lethal. I'll be on my deathbed remembering white pants and W*lmart. :-)

Please keep my friend, Gerri, on your list. She can use all the positive thoughts she can get right now.

P.S. I stink at commenting lately. Sorry about that. I'll get my act together shortly. Still trying to figure out scheduling, school time, me time, mom time, etc.


Kristina P. said...

Maybe if you have an empty mouth while reading my blog, that will help save you money!

You are much too sweet.

Keri said...

Lisa! We should all just move into a big communal house....all us radical parents and our little Rad
kids! What a way to cut!

Anyway, I keep wanting to call you, but how late is too late? I tried emailing you, but my email is being testy lately. I did not go thru.

I really want to talk to you!!!

Jillene said...

I am glad that things are going well!!

Meg an Aggie in Frisco said...

Good Luck!

The Chacon post by Queen K -

Made my mouth water and stomach turn at the same time...

Alyssa's Mom said...

Thanks for your prayers.

We had a meeting today about the company that bought us out.

No place for anyone at the new company. It was a terrible meeting. My boss broke down in tears. I've known that man for 8 years and to see him so emotional rocked everyone. I'm heading up north to be with Tammy and Cindy. Jeff is being awesome. I will blog on Monday and catch everyone up. I really appreciate everyone's thoughts and will keep you & J in my prayers as always.


Shauna said...

I enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for sharing :)

Lauri said...

Have fun with your daughter.. enjoy the movie