Thursday, November 13, 2008

Major Changes

We've had a monumental change in our home. I can't go into details so you'll just have to trust me, but something major has happened and things are really improving here.

What a joy it has been parenting Jordan today!!! She is a totally different kid. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. She is much softer, able to be redirected, more loving, kinder, and her facial features and expressions are totally different.

Have I mentioned it has been so much fun to be a parent today!!!!???? I am staying at home this week to help her recover and we've been doing school. In 2 days she has done over 40 lessons of math, 16 Language Arts and 4 History lessons!!!!! Not a complaint or whine in sight. She has been very enthusiastic about learning!

Puddin snuggled up in bed with her tonight (I was there too) and we all
snuggled for 10-15 minutes or so. She has treated Puddin like a china doll all day.
She was a little sad about the yuckies leaving and we talked about it. I have a lot of onyx in her room to help with grief. Ashley asked me if I have amethyst in her room. Yes I do, plus some others, carnelian, citrine, etc. (Ashley, I tried to check out your blog and I can't get in. *Whine*) We talked about what was different in her life now that the yuckies had left, what was the same, etc.

After Jordan went to sleep I went in to do Reiki. Puddin decided to join me. Puddin stayed on the bed while I was working on J. Afterwards I couldn't get Puddin to come out of J's bedroom. She has never stayed in the same room alone with J! Finally I gave up and let her stay for about an hour and went back to get her. She still wouldn't come out of her room! I had to pick her up and carry her out.

Yeah for all of us! It's a monumental day!!!!

This morning I asked her what was the word she would use to describe herself and she said, "kind". Woo hoo for J!

It's not just me that has noticed this major change. This is a note from her AT:

"It was a joy to work with Jordan today. What a difference! She was so focused and ready to
face her issues. Having the big yucky leave is HUGE for her and all of
us who know and love her. Looking forward to next week."

She also said if this major change continues, she sees J being able to come off meds by our 12/1/08 psychiatrist appt.

My cup is running over with gratitude! Thanks to Chris and Kristy for hanging in there with us even though it was really scary sometimes.


Torina said...

Wow. I am so glad things are turning for the better. You have certainly paid your dues and deserve some good mommy time.

Kelly said...

Wow! You deserve all this wonderful change. You are a fantasic mom and I am so thrilled to hear about such a possitive turn around for J. Yeah for you and Jordan!!!

Ashley said...

I am absolutely stunned to hear about all this positive energy, and couldn't be happier for you all!

You've inspired me to start Blogging properly- feel free to follow if you wish.

Light, love and energy


Anonymous said...

I don't know what other changes have gone on, of course, but this is GREAT news. Three cheers for Lisa, J, and Puddin!!!


Kristina P. said...

Lisa, this is so great! I am truly so happy for you.

Jillene said...

THIS IS AWESOME!! I am so happy for you!!

Perspective is Everything said...

words beyond a blog comment.. echoing sentiments of VICTORY with you :D YAY!!!

Tracee said...

I am so happy for you! Torina said it best - you have definitely paid your dues and you deserve this! Hugs to the three of you!