Thursday, April 9, 2009

Help Me Out Here.....Please

My friend, Mike Groomer, of Advocates for Children of Trauma fame, is trying to put together a webinar of Parenting in the Trenches with Katharine Leslie for all of us out in cyberland that are unable to attend trainings in person. He's thinking that the session would be in the range of $60-70 (possibly less) and you would be able to take the training via the internet. Dr. Leslie is the parent of 4 special needs children so she comes at the radical topic from our viewpoint. I have thoroughly enjoyed her book, Coming to Grips with Attachment, so I would love the opportunity to take this webinar. Plus doing it in the comfort of my own home makes it even more appealing!

So this is a big pie in the sky but I'm trying to take a poll to see if this would be a possibility. The poll will be open until April 16th which is the day I find out about Special K. If you are interested in taking this training please take the poll on the right side of my blog. You can also leave a comment or email me privately so that we can see if this is doable. This is not a commitment. We're not getting married. Just poll that you are highly interested. Come on folks.....really!

I am sure she wouldn't consider doing it unless our numbers are high enough. Some of her classes are around $35 so if our number of potential students were high enough this might lower the price. If we had 52 people or more I'm thinking that the training could possibly be less. This is what I have dreamed up anyway.

She usually provides CPE credits and foster parent training credits so I would think this would be available too.

Anything new that I can add to my arsenal of radical interventions makes my motor run. ;-)


Dinah said...

I said yes, of course it depends on time and day...but I'd love to do this! Thanks!

Tudu said...

April 16th!!!! That is Cyr's bday. I just know it will be good news.