Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From Corazon

My name is Corazon (That's not my real name. It's my blog name. I have a blog called Finding my Heartsmile.) Ms. Lisa asked me and my mom to do a post on her blog so here is mine. I hope you like it. Thank you Ms. Lisa.

On Sunday my family and I got up really early so we could get ready to go. I got dressed and then mom did my hair. She braided my hair that she had put into twists last night when we washed it. I put on my sandals, picked a book, Trouble River, for the car. We were going to go see a family that just moved here from Oklahoma. They live an hour away from us so I finished my book in the car really quickly. I read really fast so I read it again and then I looked out the window and read the signs.

I asked mom about the family we were visiting. They have 5 kids and 2 of the kids are kinda like me and my older brother because they have RAD. I don't like having RAD. The first RAD kids I met was J. (Ms. Lisa's daughter) and her sister K. I really liked them and when we met J and I talked about how we both had alarms on our doors, why we both homeschool, and some bad things we did in school. We also had alot of fun playing together and swimming. Mom said that one of her friends Ms. L. was bringing her kids M., H., and A. and I was excited because I just met them at my birthday party and 2 of them have RAD. I think my mom knows alot of moms with RAD kids now because we are meeting some of them. I used to think I was the only kid like me until mom explained RAD to me. Mom thinks I am getting better and I think so too.

When we got there we went to an RV park. It reminded me of when I went camping with my moms and my grandparents. We met Ms. C., her husband and her kids. Their names are R., A., MR, MC, and P. (these are not their real names.) We played with the volleyball and then P. asked if I wanted to ride her bike. P. is 6 years old but she is taller than me. I am nine now. Mom said yes. I felt so happy! I put the left pedal up and sat on the bike. I pushed and off I went. I pedalled really fast right after P. I have never ridden a bike so fast! When Ms. L. and her kids cam I was happy to see H. (she is 8 years old) and her little sister A. She is almost the same age as my little sister. Then all the girls decided to play with pretend makeup and do face-painting. My mom never lets me do face-painting at parties because we don't believe in that BUT this time she said yes because it was kids playing with each other. I was so happy. MC put makeup on me and painted my face like a cat. Then she painted a bracelet and some heart on my arms. It was cool!

Afer we ate some food P. and H. and I went exploring. I saw that P. was picking up something I stopped and saw that she had it by the hind legs and it was a HUGE grasshopper!!!!!!!!! It was big, long, yellow and black. I asked "are those poisonous?" She said "no they are not." I saw another big grasshopper and wanted to get it but I was scared that it was poisionous. M. came over (I think he is 12) and put it on his shirt. All the adults and the kids were looking at the grasshoppers and then one jumped up and we all ran and screamed! We were being very dramatic. As I was looking at one of the grasshoppers P. put a grasshopper on my back and I screamed and ran to my mom crying. She told me I was being dramatic and called me the number 1 drama queen.

Ms. C.'s husband, Mr. M. cut up some watermelon and we ate. I had 4 pieces because my little sister and my little brother didn't finish theirs so mom said I could finish them. I love, love, love watermelon and this one was really cold. They have a really neat gazebo and all the girls and the little kids were coloring and drawing. I made a picture frame for my mom that said "I love you." I got to cut it with special scissors so it would look pretty. When we were drawing P. came over and threw a grasshopper at us. I jumped and pushed my baby sister backward and she fell and hit her back on the railing. My sister burst into tears and I quickly scooped her up to make her stop crying. I was scared to tell mom I had pushed her but I told myself to tell the truth and so I went and told mom that I did it. Mom said I did a good job telling the truth and taking responsibility. I was proud of myself.

I worked really hard to do a good job but actually it was easy to do good thinks. I was also trying to find out which of Ms. C.'s kids also have RAD but I didn't see any of the kids act RAD today. Maybe we are all getting better. Sometimes kids, like my big brother, got a timeout in a chair and I saw that 1 kid stuck really close to her sister and did not play too much with the other kids. I think maybe she has RAD because she said she sleeps with her parents and not the other kids. I don't know but maybe I am wrong. I think that all the kids did a good job and no one got into trouble because we were having fun and our moms (and one dad) were close by.

At the end of the day Ms. C and Ms. L. and my mom took pictures of the kids and we all left for home. I think we were all sad to go and P. climbed into our car to say goodbye and she didn't want us to leave. They asked us to come back soon. I hope we do but we got really, really dirty from all the rolling around in the dirt but it was alot of fun. This was one of my most fun days this summer. And that is what I did on Sunday.

Ms. Lisa, I hope you like this when you read it.


RachelH said...

This comment is for Corazon!

It sounds like you had such a fun day! I think that since ALL of the kids had such a great time - you must ALL be getting better! :) And, I bet your mom was so proud when you told her the truth about accidently hurting your little sister - those things are hard to admit! Great job being truthful, even when its scary!

You were a great guest blogger for Lisa! :)

SocialWkr24/7 said...

Oops - I wanted to let Corazon know that it was me (Socialwrkr24/7) who posted the above post, she'll recognize that name!

sarsmile said...

Corazon, thanks so much for writing this post for us! You are an excellent writer; when you described your day I felt like I was right there with you. I am glad that you had a fun day. Friends who understand you are so nice to have, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Corazon!

Thandi said...

Aah, Corazon, you're a star!Well done for being honest. You're a rgeat writer.

ldw said...

Great job Corazon! It was a great day for us too! M, H, and A had a wonderful time and can't wait to see everyone again. I am so happy to know you and your family!

BT said...

Dear Corazon,

Thank you for the vivid account of the fun you all had at the RV park. It sounds like it was great in so many ways. I hope you'll be able to go again.

I follow your mom's blog, and I wanted you to know that I agree with you and your mom that you are getting better. My RAD son, who is 9, is also working hard to get better. He calls his hurts and anger and pain and fear his "cracks in my heart" and talks about working hard to heal his cracks. I am so proud of how hard he is working. I know your mom is so proud of how hard you are working. I wanted you to know that the way your mom talks about RAD and you on her blog, it is clear that she sees how hard you are working and trying. If I was working as hard as you are, I would feel very proud inside myself, and I hope that you feel that way at least sometimes.

Keep up the reading!

Lisa said...

Dear Corazon,
You never cease to amaze me. I am so proud of you and all the progress you're making. Thanks so much for doing a guest post for me. You did a fabulous job!!!

Remember when you write your first book that I get the first autographed copy. ;-)