Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tips to Share

Wonderful Wednesday's always include helpful new tips from our AT. I keep thinking some day I'm going to go in and she's going to be slap dab out of tips. Not yet though.

She gave me a new tapping thing for breaking a habit. Since J was never clean a baby/toddler her RAD brain thinks that she is dirty on the inside so she must look dirty on the outside and in turn has bad hygiene. So now we're going to try the new tapping thingy to break the habit of wanting to feel dirty.

You tap with your fingers all around your scalp around your ear starting at the top and working to the bottom. Very firm bouncy tapping with all four fingers. If you are right handed you state the negative behavior and bounce/tap on the left side of your head around your ear. J's is "I don't want to be dirty." Do this 5 times.

Then move to the opposite ear for the positive and do the same thing with positive words. The phrase is "I want to be clean and healthy." 5 times.

If your child is left handed just flip it and use the negative word on the right ear and the positive phrase on the left side. Clear as mud huh?

Doing this tapping routine 4 or 5 times a day.

We're also adding a new tapping on the sora spots or T3 spot (under the collar bone). Even though my RAD brain wants to show the world I'm dirty and bad and RAD I'm still a totally great kid and my mom totally loves me.

If I didn't know this stuff worked I wouldn't bother. Yet all I can do is heave a hefty sigh on adding one more thing to my daily list, suck it up, put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

Someone asked on the other blog to explain the mouth hug. It's holding the mouth until they can control what comes out of it. Sometimes it's for interrupting, others would be incessant chatter or a spew of disrespectful words. Sometimes it takes 2 hands to hold the jaw still. ;-)


Homer and Queen said...

Good to know!

sarsmile said...

Lisa, if you ever have a spare moment (I know, what a ridiculous question for someone with two kids), would you be willing to tell us a bit about what goes on in therapy with your AT? I obviously don't mean anything that would be considered confidential, but what types of things you do there, and how your therapist is helpful?

I have come across a number of people online raving about their ATs and how much they have helped their kids, but I'm sure you are aware that there is also a lot of very negative and scary stuff out there about certain forms of attachment therapy. Do you have any advice on what to look for in a therapist, and what to avoid?

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Our son's fantastic therapist left the clinic mid July to go back to school (career switch). We've been therapist-free for most of this summer and it has been kinda nice. The clinic is hiring and will match us this fall. I also would be interested in hearing about how AT therapy differs from regular therapy(without the confidential details of course!!!!)

Ashley said...

Me too, Miss Lisa. I always get a great impression of AT from you and Tudu and other folks I read, but then I was looking around and saw a really negative post about AT combined with a spooky video on another blog.

I know you'd never do anything to hurt your babies, so I'm just curious as to your experience!

sarsmile said...

I was just about to come back and try to clarify my earlier question, but Mama Drama beat me to it. That's exactly what I was trying to get at in terms of what goes on - how what you do is different than regular therapy.

~Laura said...

I have been reading your blog and your daughter's blog for a while now. Thanks for sharing so much information to help others....have a good week!