Saturday, November 7, 2009


Huge workday around the house. I threw away tons of stuff and cleaned closets and cabinets. Somehow stuff accumulates and in the middle of the night it multiplies like rabbits.

All my stacks of paperwork has been put away in the proper places. (Nothing short of a miracle.)

Laundry washed and put away. Sheets washed and beds made up.

Kitchen cabinets cleaned out.

Laundry room and laundry room closet cleaned.

Two chests in my bedroom were cleaned out.

I can finally see the seat of a chair in my bedroom. The first time in months.

My closet floor was cleaned out. Unfortunately my closet floor accumulates the majority of the "crap". It was a scary place. More clothes will be removed tomorrow. Typing for accountability.

All kitchen cabinets and pantry cleaned out and reorganized.

Microwave cleaned.

Oven cleaned.

Toaster oven cleaned.

All kitchen counters and counter stuff cleaned.

My bathroom was given a major cleaning. Even my shower which I loathe doing.

Garage (another scary place) will hopefully be the recipient of some time well spent tomorrow.

J worked like a soldier today. I was so proud. Working really hard and she had a blast.

She swept the whole driveway, sidewalk and front porch.

Vacuumed the whole house (even the carpeted rooms!).

Dusted the whole house.

Washed the windows on the door into the garage and the front door.

She swept the deck, raked the backyard and had tons of fun jumping in her pile of leaves. Earlier in the day I asked her why she was working so hard and she said, "so we can have a clean house and I want to do something really nice for you." Awwwwwww..... Then she went on to list all of the things above that she was going to do. I actually teared up. Asked her why she thought I was crying and she said, "they're tears of joy, mom." I thought her list was a really nice sentiment but never thought in a million years that she would actually do it. She did. Without any direction from me.

Tonight we celebrated all our hard work by watching the S o u n d of M*sic and eating chocolate cake in front of the TV. Unheard of in our house.

Right before bed she asked what could we do tomorrow to accomplish some more. I'm thinking sleeping late would be a good start. :) Late is 8 AM at our house. The garage and the rest of my closet can wait till the afternoon (or next month.....). :)


Annie said...

Wow; I am so impressed! That is what I SHOULD have done, and instead did this and that, and spent too much time cooking....and tomorrow I have to work all day...

So much for the weekend.

J's hard work and devotion to you is amazingly heartwarming. I am overwhelmed

Rachie317 said...

What a sweet, sweet girl you have there - enjoy the little victories!

And congrats on getting so much accomplished!

Kelly said...

Good for you. You go girls!!!

Finish up and then come to my house cause none of my kids ever want to help me do anything. UGH

Tracey said...

So jealous over here! I need a cleanout desperately. What an awesome feeling. You are a lucky lady!

The Accidental Mommy said...

Wow, I am tired from your day too!

That is SO awesome that J wants to just help you for the sake of you needing help. Wow!

Ruth Chowdhury said...

That is totally precious! And great that you guys got so much accomplished. Praying you sleep well tonight. :)

Diana said...

Good heavens! You must have swallowed the Engerzier Bunny! I hung a blind, tp holder, and towel ring in my master bathroom and then scrubbed it from top to bottom (and officially declared it the first and so far only room in my house that is not still a construction zone) and I was completely whipped. Congrats on having a fabulously clean house! Now if only they'd stay that way, right?

Anonymous said...

WOW. Impressive!

~Dinah said...

WOW!! You put me to shame. 3 loads of laundry is about all I got done today!

Hannah_Rae said...

Wow! I love those days. I got some crafting done and went to a neat women's thing at church. Kaleb and the boys got most of our acre and 1/2 raked. YAY! :)


Hannah said...

yeah J and yeah L, what a weekend, we were doing similar stuff but you got way more accomplished!

kristen said...

What was special K up to this weekend? I can imagine getting work done with the older one of my kids home, but the newer two make it nearly impossible.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Can you come over to our house and motivate us to do a serious Fall Clean ?????(we missed Spring Clean!)- I guess we'll just use your inspiration as our motivation!!!!!

Linda said...

Doesn't it feel good to have a home that clean? Well, I imagine it would feel good, I haven't actually experienced it! How awesome that she wants to help out for the sake of having a clean house.