Thursday, November 26, 2009


So much to be grateful for. The list is long. We do gratitude lists daily year round. It's part of our daily routine and usually occurs at dinner. I'm writing and doing heavy lifting. The only multi-tasking I can do. I keep them all in a composition notebook and we go back and read them on Thanksgiving. It's a cool tradition.

This morning I let the girls watch the M*cy's parade for about 45 minutes. The intent was to DVR the remainder but "someone" messed with the remote so that didn't happen.
The memories of a living room of girlish giggles will be with me forever. Truly priceless.

Lunch at my mom's. Not a big fan of turkey but boy oh boy my mom rocked the house this year. The turkey was da bomb. Moist and juicy. Her dressing is the stuff dreams are made of. Heavenly homemade yeast rolls. The kind you just want to sit down and waller in. This year my only responsibility was to make cornbread for the dressing and gravy. I'm a slacker this year but there's whole nuther piece of our equation now. G told my parents they did all the work and I filled up the table. :)
Missing Cindy, Erin & John.

This afternoon the tree has been put up and decorated. Another set of hands meant the tree went up in record time. Tomorrow we'll put G's tree up. Dreading it already. 8 feet of tree, four mantles, one massive curved staircase, two front doors, and the iron gates. Yikes. I feel a nap coming on already. The consolation prize is that I'm not responsible for taking his decorations down.

Tonight there will be early bath times and then we'll all load up in the truck and head to town in our jammies to see the Christmas lights. Our city park is decorated beautifully and open free to the public. They really do a good job and it's really appreciated by our our community. Yes, Chrissi, I remembered to get gas so that I don't have to get gas in my jammies.

It's been a great day so far. Great food, wonderful family and traditions filled.


Shanti said...

Yay! Glad your day was fun--and I hear ya on the turkey--not my fav...we had ham today! And yay for having the Christmas tree up!!

Annie said...

Oh - you DO have a lot to be grateful for! To EAT at a meal you don't cook....there's bliss!

And, have to say - I hope you are thankful for your house! It is beautiful!

BT said...

It is so great that your gratitiude list is so long. How did we get so lucky? said...

yeah for good days and keepin it all togheter!