Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Great Nightlight Debacle

Last night SK couldn't find the nightlight for the bathroom. Neither of them knew where it was. Uh huh. I told both of them that they could return the nightlight without consequence if they did so before bedtime. No takers. I looked for it high and low last night and couldn't find it. This morning I announced that if it wasn't found today that neither of them would have a nightlight tonight. J looked all over her room and bath and couldn't find it. So did SK.

Several times today J announced that SK should look all over her room including her heavy blanket (weighted blanket). Anyone suspicious yet???? At dinner J asked if she could search SK's room for it. I told her yes but that meant that SK could search her room. After a few minutes of soul searching she said that would be fine. I patted both girls down to be sure no one was hiding it on their person and sat down in the hallway between their rooms for both of them to search.

J made a great pretense of searching and then lifted SK's weighted blanket. Lo and behold it was there! Little stinker. I asked her to give the details and at first she tried to lie about it some more then finally fessed up that she put it on top of cabinet in the bathroom (where it was supposed to be), then she put it behind the picture on top of the cabinet in the bathroom, THEN she decided to put it in Sk's room.

So she lied about it all last night and all day today even after I gave them both several opportunities to fess up without consequences. Of course I knew that it was J all along from all the previous attempts to throw SK under the bus.

So tonight J's the one without a nightlight for taking the light and she had early bedtime for the massive amounts of lying. SK chose to let J make up her bed tomorrow instead of getting the rest of J's skittles. Personally I think I would've taken the skittles (don't care for skittles but candy is candy right?) and ran.

Mystery solved.

On to other pressing matters....I now have RSS Feed. At least I think I do if I set it up right. That remains to be seen. The button's over there on the right. Why do I want this? What's the advantages? What's the difference between following and RSS Feed? I'm challenged in the department so would someone please enlighten me?

I subscribed to PW's RSS Feed and it put it in google reader 4 hours before the regular PW subscription. Is this part of the lure of RSS???? Do you have to notify feedburner when you post or does it do it automatically? Can you tell I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing here????? Enquiring minds want to know.

Hoping l didn't screw things up.

In other news....did you know that you can get free internet over k!ndle? Not wi-fi like with the itouch. K!ndle is over cell phone towers and did I mention free? It's in the experimental stages but still....


The Accidental Mommy said...

Oh my LMAO J is being a big sister LOL!!! Perfect!!! I remember doing that to my sister many, many times. Ah, how sweet. Wonder what she would have done had you actually charged SK with the crime. Genea is a easy liar to figure out but Teena, she is scary. Big fat lies just roll on out of her.

I will come back to see what other people say about feeds and followers. I have you in my google reader, never realized you werent on a feed. I don't really get it either and it was an enormous pain to set up feedburner. said...

sisters, sisters, she was such a devoted sister... nothing like trying to blame the other one, if I had a dollar for every time that happened around here I would be rich! and they have been togehter their whole lives!

BT said...

Oh man, that exact same scenario takes place at our house once in a while too. Two nights ago, in fact. It seems the dryer mysteriously turned itself on, as no one would fess up. We emphasized that no one would be i trouble, we just needed to know whether we had to get the dryer checked, and we would rather peole asked before operating the dryer with an already-dry load in it! Both kids on reduced privileges until finally P did a long wind-up 36 hours later, with many starts and stops and wrong turns, to confessing. What a circus. He too is making B's bed, for a whole week!

Hannah_Rae said...

So you guys have been doing the lying game thing too, eh? It's ridiculous how good Jeremiah has gotten at untruths. He even figured out a way to cheat the lie detector test, but I figured it out. :)

Good job, Mama!



obladi oblada said...

Dont you just love the little mysteries? Keeps life with internet access? How cool is that. Ive been toying with the idea of getting one....

Jeannie Davis said...

My sister and I used to do stuff like that when we were younger. One afternoon when neither of us was confessing to whatever the crime was, my mom for some reason got sarcastic and asked if the ghost had done it. From that day on, the ghost became the family joke!

Annie said...

You know...I'm feeling thankful! None of my children do this sort of thing. They are not NICE to one another, but by the grace of God they are honest. They don't try to do devious stuff. I'd not even thought to be grateful for that before, but I am grateful now!

The Accidental Mommy said...

I guess no one else knows about subscriptions either lol. In my google reader, it shows you have 169 feed subscribers. Which, I don't know how you get them without having a feed button. I put you in my followers (a long time ago) and google automatically transferred you into my feed reader when I set it up.
Google shows I have 117 subscribers but feedburner shows 151, and I have about 73 followers. So I really DONT know! Maybe some nice person will do a post about it all!

Dia por Dia said...

Mine rat each other out BEFORE the "bad" deed has taken place and want the kid they are telling on to be punished because she/he was THINKING about doing the "bad" thing. Better yet, Tortuga sometimes tells on his sister based on what he is planning to set her up as the "fall person" for! Tell me this makes any sense at all...?

marythemom said...

With 4 kids I almost never figure out who did something or who is lying. We basically just assume based on the child's M.O.. If it's a spill, crumbs, or involves dirty laundry where it's not supposed to be - it's probably Kitty. If something is missing completely (especially sweets or electronics) it's probably Bear. Because we generally can't prove it though they often get away with it. *sigh*

At our house everything gets blamed on "Not Me" or his cousin, "Ida Know." They've lived with us a long time and I'd prefer they moved on!

Please be careful with letting kids know how you figured out they did it! Many of mine learned from their mistakes and now could be excellent criminals or lawyers. My son used to hide things in his room, but quickly learned I was pretty thorough in my searches. Now he has a new hiding place(s).

Mary in TX