Monday, June 6, 2011

Fingers Crossed

This post is certainly going to jinx our day.  At the moment the score is 19-2 with J winning!  It is also her first good morning in over 3 months.  Wow!

Maybe the light at the end of the tunnel isn't the lamp of the oncoming train.  At this very moment anyway our future's so bright I gotta wear shades. :)

Now I'm off to do a new guided imagery CD from this book.  Kristy and I both thought she needed a new one since the one we've been using has probably lost it's effect or she's tuned it out.  Or both.

Then we'll be hooping fools with broken noses and bruised noggins since I found Babz Robinson all her amazing hooping tutorials on you t^be yesterday.  Dangerous stuff for us hooping newbies.  (Y'all do realize that hooping is another version of the wet dog trauma shake, right?)


Trauma Mama said...

Woohoo! Knock the RAD out of the park mama! You rock!

Annie said...

I could hoop with the best of them as a child, and figured - "Hey! It will come back!" It did NOT come back, only give me some pulled muscles or pinched nerves - something that tortured me for weeks. So, I'm leery, but Anastasia loves to tell me I can't do things, so that very aspect of it might intrigue her.

Your daughter is lucky you have the time to put into healing her. I feel so guilty that a) she is one of four (five if you count Maxim) who are desperate for my attention (to say nothing of husband), and then there are the jobs......I feel guilty, honestly, but I suppose she'd just be radding it in an orphanage or on the street if she wasn't with me, and that would be worse.

Lee said...

OK this looks soooooo cool! I am the hula hoop champ at our house--we have competitions fairly often! LOL (I am not quite sure what that says about us and am not going to look deeply at it!! ;_) However I have never done anything that cool. Hmmmmm