Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Neuro Disorganization

I now have a nicely typed cheat sheet for neuro-reorganization exercises compliments of our AT. If anyone needs this for your kids please send me an email to lisa amos @ payco . org and I'll send it on to you.

We're doing these daily for SK since she struggles with balance, energy being flipped and:

Faltering Speech
Confusing L & R
Difficulties with spatial organization
Reversing letters/numbers
Restricted arm swing or homolateral arm/leg movement


Holly said...

Interesting... is it helping? Love your new pics by the way.

Dia por Dia said...

You are too much. Thanks!

Crayon said...

That sounds like me! lol. [well, most of it] Seriously though, I'm seeing a neurologist and he is going to do a brain scan. It started happening like a year or two ago and it has gotten worse.

Recovering Noah said...

Hey Lisa, I would LOVE a copy. Thank you!! I have 2 that could benefit from it.


P.S. LOVE the pics Chrissi took on the other blog. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!

Leslie :-)

Diana said...

Still catching up after not having internet for so long. I'd love a copy!