Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lie Detector Test & Other Stuff

Here's the lie detector test video. J & I performed especially for you this afternoon. Sorry about the quality.

Rules on the lie detector test. Do not have a watch or cell phone on you. The test will not work correctly if you or your child are touching any electronic device.

You ask the question, have the child stick their arm out and repeat the statement. Tell them to resist you as you push down on their arm. If their arm stays strong and does not push down they are telling the truth. Always ask them to say their name first. If they can't hold their arm up when you push down on their name their energy is messed up and you need to straighten it out with rubbing or tapping. Test again after and see if energy is correct. If it is you can continue with other questions. If it's not rinse and repeat with tapping or rubbing. A lie or false statement will cause their arm to go down when you press on it. A truth will mean that their arm will stay firm and you can't press it down. If you think they might lie on purpose and let their arm go down without trying, use the opposite statement. For example, don't use, I hit Johnny, instead have them say, I did NOT hit Johnny.

Try it out on your spouse or friend to get the hang of it before using it on your child. I'm getting lazy lately and check for everything. Such as, if I don't want to go check to see if J has brushed her teeth well I just do the lie detector test. It's a fabulous time saver.
Think of all the things you can find the answers to.

I did not hit my brother.
Suzy is bothering me.
I feel sick.
I did my chore correctly.
My brother punched me in the stomach.
I did not start the fight.

You can solve all of life's whodunits. :)

I've had several people email me about the Guided Imagery so instead of going back and finding the link and all the other stuff so here it is again.

More free info on tapping is on Sign up for their free weekly newsletter and it will let you print out a tapping map which is helpful until you learn all the appropriate spots. Once you get the hang of tapping it's a piece of cake and can be a lifesaver. Don't be scared of it because you cannot screw it up. Give it a shot!

Excellent energy info in Donna Eden's Energy Medicine Kit. A DVD, CD, cheat sheets, and book all for less than $20.

Guided Imagery. Invisible Heroes - Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal. $10 Must. Have. Book. Thousands of dollars of therapy in this book. Lots of them you can do at home. I have recorded sessions in my (soft, soothing, non-stressed out) voice for both J & Special K with soft music (Biolateral music, Delta Sleep music, Mozart, etc) in the background. I download them to a MP3 player or CD and they play all night long in their room on a boom box. I've tweaked all of the scripts for guided imagery so they have been "customized" for each of my girls individually. It's important to start at the beginning and don't miss any appropriate scripts because they build on each other. 3 stages. 1. Preparing to process trauma, 2. Processing trauma, 3. Trauma recovery. IMHO I would do stage one and two in the home but save the second stage to do in the AT's office. The second stage shouldn't be played all night long but processed with help and move on to the third stage. If you have a fabulous AT they will listen to you when you ask them to read this book. Chances are they have already heard of it and have it in their arsenal. If they haven't read it they will sing your praises for telling them about it. You will also get many other ideas that will help you help your child. No home with an adopted child should be without this book. Not. even. kidding.

Do one recorded script and play it all night long for a week. Note any changes. After a week or so add another one and play them in succession. So on and so forth.....

J update: Since adding the prescribed hourly fits things are improving rapidly. Yay us!


Dia por Dia said...

Here I am being compulsively anal... Since I reference ALL of you posts regarding the Guided Imager stuff at the end of my post from March 31... here they are again just because I love you. You talked about this on Jan 1, Feb 5, Feb 8 and March 25,2009. How's that for someone who pays attention to you? :-)

Dia por Dia said...

I really shouldn't hit publish until I finish. Glad the fits are working for J. Thank you for the lie detector it works like a charm for my older two!

Jody said...

OOOH! I'm soo darn excited to try it!!!!!!!!!! You rock, Lisa!

Maury said...

I enjoyed watching your video and getting to see you "in person". I hear that Georgian accent! (I can't talk, I'm from Arkansas you know. haha) That was great.

BT said...

Wow! We already tried out the lie detector test. What an amazing tool. Where on earth did you learn about it? A big thank you!

And so glad to hear that the scheduled fits are proving a good outlets for J's feelings. When you get a chance, could you please tell us what must go on during a scheduled fit?!

matryoshka said...

oh, I am so trying this! thanks!

Tricia said...

it was neat to hear voices and she live action =)

Reighnie said...

Ok, I don't know if I am doing it right or if it didn't account for my kids. lol

Here's what happened...

SS: My name is SS.
Strong arm
SS: I am 12
Arm goes slightly down
SS: I am a boy.
Arm goes slightly down
SS: I am a girl.
Arm goes slightly down
Me: Seems like you are confused.
SS: Well,I play with the boys. (In a matter of fact voice with head shaking up and down) we play zombies.

Um... what do you do in that case? Clarify that she is a girl so it's true? hehehehe

Maria2432 said...

Please do tell...what does happen in a scheduled fit?