Sunday, May 16, 2010


Ahem...someone has been trying to triangulate G & I. She's been busted and is so not happy about it. It's not working out well for her. Bummer. I dream of a day that both my kids can both be regulated at the same time.
On the bright side she is still mowing the grass every 3 days and still loves it. I never ask her or tell her to do it....she just takes it upon herself. Maybe it is a sensory thing.

Discovered that if you cook a potato in your beans that it will remove the gas. (Discard the potato when beans are done.) Little tip for all of you who do not enjoy the after-dinner entertainment.

Last fall while at the doctor's office, regarding my blood pressure, the doctor walked by and gave the nurse instructions to write down a website for a patient who had a nail fungus. My ears perked up and I asked her to give me the skinny. She said that my doctor hated giving a prescription for lam*asil because it has so many side effects and damaging properties so he had started making patients try this herbal remedy first. She also said that it had cured it on every one of his patients. And it is c.h.e.a.p. I've had one on several toenails for a looooong time but was too embarrassed to ask for help so I asked for the web address of Long Creek Herbs. Lo and behold it worked like a charm. No more fungus. I had to do it twice (which is recommended for long-term fungus) but now my toenails are beautiful once again and my liver hasn't been damaged. Yay me. Just in case any of you has been cursed with a fungus I'll share the link and you can click here. $13.00 is also much better than $100.


Misty said...

i wonder what the sensory would be... that's really interesting.

also- THANK YOU for the potato tip!

but really, your doctor is one awesome person! Seriously... a doctor who hates prescribing something, due to the side effects. That's almost unheard of anymore!

Diana said...

One of my little RADlings loves to sweep when he's stressed. It calms him right down. I agree with it being a sensory thing.

I learned another bean trick that works quite well when I lived among the hillbillies. If you're quick soaking the beans (stove top method - rinse beans, cover with lots of water, bring to boil, then turn off heat and let stand for about 2 hours) add approximately 1 teaspoon baking soda once they come to a boil. Stir well. It will foam up A LOT, so make sure your pan is big enough to accomodate the foam. Let the beans soak, then drain and rinse really well. Cover with fresh water for cooking. I'll have to try the potatoe trick next time.

obladi oblada said...

Thanks for the potato tip, and I wish my son would take mowing the lawn upon himself!!!

Mom 4 Kids said...

Hey maybe someone over here will turn into a grass mower, my husband would be so thrilled!

Thanks for the web site tip too!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Wow, for J to do something so predictable.... I'm impressed at the ordinary-ness of triangulating!

Maybe she is too focused on the lawn to bother with any more complex behaviors for you.

matryoshka said...

oh yeah..totally a sensory thing. Jupiter's forver pushing or pulling heavy things around to reach her sensory threshold. good for getting mad feelings out too. I'm getting one of the push mowers and can't wait for her to be old enough to use it!!

Linda B said...

Ok, nobody else said thanks for the fungus remedy but I will. I've had this problem on several nails and it is really embarassing. Two years ago I had both nails of my big toes removed and that is painful! I noticed about a month ago that one looks like it's come back. How long did it take for your nails to clear up? I'm excited!

Ashley said...

Am reading along and loving laong with a lot of folks. Big hugs

Kelly said...

Wow. I gotta try this nail thing. Email me more details about how this works.

I used to love to mow the grass. For me it was an instant gratification thing and of course control. Just something else to think about. :)

Little Wonder said...

I'm so checking out that website right now! :D

Reading all your blogs---hugs to you and yours. That sounds pretty simple for such complexity, but just know you have a whole realm of cyber-friends here to support you and hold you up.