Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fabulous Trip

J was such a dream kid on this trip. One of our friends that went had not seen her in a year. She was astounded at the difference in J. Every day she makes my jaw drop. Since she had touch privileges she was able to hang around all the other adults during the trip while my other appendage was attached to my side. She showed very appropriate touch, conversation and coping skills. A little independence too. Appropriate independence and yet still so very attached to me. It was so very cool.

She loved seeing the "Pacific Ocean" but was adamant in still declaring her love of Myrtle Beach. I have got to take that girl to see some windex water someday soon. Maybe if she discovers there are actually "clear water" beaches she can convince Daddy G we need to be at "those" beaches instead of MB. A girl can dream.

We truly had a great time. A couple of little maneuvers helped keep SK on the straight and narrow but I just stood back and watch J blossom.

Too much laundry, ironing and dirty house to clean up means that I have been astoundingly slow but if you haven't already you need to go check out Tuba. Now.

200 blogs behind means y'all have been breeding like rabbits while I've been away. Geesh folks.

Also, Michael has a new online consortium for RAD families. Bringing together families and professionals. Go check it out.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! And thanks for the entries!!

Tracey said...

Great to have you back. And I'm so thrilled for J I can hardly stand it!

Christa said...

I think it is so wonderful all the progress J is making.

Good luck with all the post vacation clean up!

BT said...

Bravo to J. To be able to go through the transitions between home and new places and remain poised is a wonderful sign of her progress. Don't you love getting that positive feedback from people who haven't seen your child in awhile?!

Thanks for the heads up on the Michael's consortium.

Nichole said...

glad to hear that you had such a wonderful trip!

Linda B said...

I love hearing how well you 3 girls are doing! If we lived closer I'd be over there to take one of those pups off of your hands. Last week my sister watched a couple dump off a 12 wk old puppy from their new SUV and just left it in the ditch. She was going to find a home for it, but of course she fell in love and kept it. 3 dogs and 7 indoor cats...kind of an animal lover!