Monday, July 27, 2009

Morning Activities

Our day starts at 5 AM. Yikes. I have the girls on a schedule that's very structured. It's been so hot that I've had to reverse it and have school in the afternoon. Below are some of the sensory things they do every day.

Dizzy Disk Jr. to strengthen body awareness and coordination. You have to move it with pressure and the goal is to keep it moving with the correct pressure on each foot until it will spin without stopping.

Brain Gym: drawing figure 8's.

Walking figure 8's (I trace it out with sidewalk chalk.)

Brain Gym: Cross Crawl to help both sides of the brain talk to each other.

Jumping rope. Gross motor skills and coordination.

Pogo stick jumping for vestibular balance. J has now mastered this and can get around great with it.

Giant hopper for vestibular orientation and for heavy work calmer.

They also did some activity (moonsand, dried beans, sand, play doh, etc) while wearing either a pressure vest or weighted arm bands.
Last week, at the recommendation of our AT, I added an all night bio-lateral Delta sleep CD to J. She loves it and it's reallly soothing. Actually it was for SK but wanted to try on J first.


Hannah_Rae said...

Thanks for the cheat sheet. :)

~Dinah said...

AWESOME stuff! :)

~Dinah said...

oh...for a future post could you put a general schedule of what a day looks like with your family? I know things get mixed up and reworked depending, but just a general outline? I'm just curious! :)

matryoshka said...

We do lots of sensory stuff at our house looks like an OT office..but it works!

Recovering Noah said...

Love you. Love your blog. Love your tips.

You have NO idea how much you've helped me.


Priscilla said...

WOW, how tall J is getting. Thanks for the pics.