Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nice Little Surprise

There has been a lonely subscription in my goo gle reader for a very long time. The author had to abandon it due to some hateful trol l. I just never could bring myself to delete it. So many giggles, snorts and hilarious antidotes were had reading that subscription that it just seemed wrong to remove it. This week I was rewarded for being nostalgic and sentimental. It magically turned black and I gasped out loud and practically fell all over myself trying to open the post. Then I did the ugly happy dance. Seriously.

So just in case you haven't heard.....the wigged out cat is back (y'all know who I'm talking about)..... yippee. So go add her to your reader. You can't beat me though. First!


Christa said...

I never removed her. I'm so happy she's back.

Torina said...

Thanks for the linky!!

Tricia said...

i never moved her either =)