Monday, October 26, 2009

One of those days....

happened yesterday. It was horrible. Wishing I could hit rewind and do it all over again. Tiredness and temper ruled my world yesterday. Ugh. I have modeled apologies and restitution. Christine talked me off the roof last night. God bless her.

Grateful all of you are part of my village.

J was asleep at 6:30 last night and I still had to roust her awake this morning at 7:15. Normally after we get back from a trip it takes several days of sleeping late for her to recover. We had to go to the dairy in SC early to pick up our order of this divine stuff so she couldn't sleep in this morning. 4 gallons will disappear like hot cakes. It's very common for RAD kids to be allergic to bovine milk but goat milk saves the day. This link explains why a lot of people have dairy allergies. Thought it was very interesting indeed.

Today was a much better day for everyone. Me included.


Christine said...

Yea for a better day! I told you, didn't I?!? Granted, I think it takes a really, really, REALLY crappy day to make a bad day look great.

I do enjoy talking you down from your ledge. It's all selfish - it makes ME feel better. Not alone. All that jazz.

FYI: I will never look at wicker furniture the same way again.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Glad you are down off the roof, off the ledge, and back home. Truly, the blogging women out there are AMAZING and bring such generous wisdom and peace to our crazy lives. Yourself included.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I am in your village!!!
Fight The Crazy!!!

But seriously, 99 out of 100people would be institutionalized by now from your vacation.

Your kids don't need a Supermom type that never deviates from the Super Image. They need a Mommy who is real and who loves them and who shows her emotions, all of them.

So you just GO ON with your bad self!
(meant that in the cool 80's sort of way)

BT said...

I hate when I have those days. Glad you survived yours. Those demonstrations of apology and restitution can be valuable for our kids. (At least that's one of the ways I reassure myself.)

Tudu said...

I'm glad you are feeling better today. Some days are barely survivable and others you wish would never end. It's life with traumatized kids.

Annie said...

The village - YES!

I was lying awake last night and while feeling sorry for myself in general, was remembering that I'm not alone.

Sounds terrible to say it, but it is oddly comforting that you would have a bad day. I thought those were reserved for me and my ilk - people who bit off more than they can chew.