Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trauma Anniversary

Things are steadily improving around here. Prescribed fits are lessening the "real" fits. Win-win for everyone. Still impressed that they started so much later in the year. (Usually start the first week of August and run through the first week of November.) Not saying it's not challenging some days but it is considerably better than previous years. There are some things going on that J has asked me not to blog about and that's OK. I'll put it in a draft to save for her later. The actual trauma date is October 23.

Even though I was sick we were not going to miss our 3 hour therapy session today. The girls loved my face mask and surgical gloves that I wore to keep Kristy from being exposed.

The anger that J is feeling toward her birth mom right now is really strong and rightfully so considering the abuse she suffered. Every morning she's been drawing a picture of birth mom and a picture of her anger that she feels toward BM. Thinking I came up with a pretty good idea to help her dispose of "some" of the anger. We're going to keep doing the pictures every day and save them. Next week when we go to the beach (bi-annual vacation) we're going to go to the most horrible public restroom I can find and dispose of them. We'll be in a different state and J grasps that concept really well so I think it will help her feel some relief.

The reason I think it will work for her is because the abusive foster mom is still "in jail" in Kristy's office and it was such a relief to J to put her there. She will still occasionally go make sure she's still there.

She's also working on making a list of gifts (gave birth to her, kept her alive, etc.) that her BM gave her and she has a special box to put them.

More will be revealed later......

Sunday was the worst I've had since being sick. She really made an effort to help and be considerate. This morning she made up my bed and left me a sweet note in the bathroom hoping that I would feel better soon. :)
We missed J's ortho appt since I was sick. Rescheduled for the 29th.


Torina said...

I hope you feel better soon, miss poopy pants :)

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Good to hear that she is moving along well. I like the idea of putting a person in "jail", that is really cool that J responded so well to it! Go J!
Sorry you are sick, sick sucks and I am tired of it too.

Kristina P. said...

Steady improvement is still improvement. Hope you feel better soon!

Shanti said...

Sorry you're still sick. =( So sweet of your girl to leave you a note, though.
Glad there's still improvement and that the prescribed fits are working.

J. said...

I love that picture!

BT said...

That is a beautiful picture.

I think your ideas are great, and I am glad that J is willing to be so actively involved and willing to participate in the ideas you come up with. (We are lucky that way with our P too.)

Thandi said...

Get well soon Madam!And I'm glad J is doing her best too.