Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eating Machine

AT was awesome yesterday. She participated willingly and actively. At the end of the session the AT did some guided imagery for her while I cradled her in my arms (giving Reiki at the same time). J fell asleep. She has only been able to relax in my arms enough to fall asleep once before so I was incredibly impressed!!!! She slept for like 20 minutes!!!! Big stuff for the princess!!!! The AT had remarked earlier that she could tell that J had taken her trust level of me to another level and that it was blatantly obvious. I could tell it too but it was so great for someone else to see it too. Most RAD kids have very large pupils due to their hypervigilience and J's have been very small ever since she got home. Another great sign! Note: It's really interesting to be in a room of RAD kids and see all the large pupils staring back at you. I had this privilege at a camp and it can be really disconcerting.

Since J came home she has been an eating machine. Last night she had a HUGE (I'm talking 6 inches across 4 inches tall) hamburger, 2 tomatoes (GA grown of course), 2 servings of baked beans, 4 deviled eggs and a huge handful of bing cherries for dessert. An hour after playtime she was hungry again! Another huge serving of baked beans, 2 more deviled eggs and more bing cherries before bedtime.

She had a blast riding her bike, scooter and jumping rope! She made it to 71 consecutive jumps too! Great attitude in place. By the time she made it to the massage table last night the baked beans & deviled eggs had gone to another level. Imagine that! My nose was greeted with such lovely (insert facetious tone here) aromas during her massage and Reiki treatment. By the time I finished I needed a military grade gas mask! Pee eeewww!

She awakened in a fabulous mood this morning even though she was still tired. I gave her a Reiki treatment right after her strong sitting and she is becoming more and more receptive to it. She told me she could feel God healing her heart and her hurts.

Hopefully she'll get to paint the first cloud today!

Lisa's Gratitude:
1. Awesome daughter
2. Watching J play
3. The smile on J's face when she sees the angels
4. AT
5. The best kiss ever!

J's Gratitude:
1. Awesome Mom
2. Awesome Teacher
3. Baked beans & deviled eggs
4. A blue classroom
5. Fun school
6. Puddin


marythemom said...

Dilated eyes is a symptom of RAD hypervigilence?! That is sooo good to know! My D has huge pupils and we were worried it was a side effect of one of his meds, but removed all the ones we thought could be causes.

You're not only a good Mommy to J, you're making me a better Mommy! Thanks for the info and congrats on how well J is doing!!


Anita said...

What a truly beautiful day J had!

I LOVE it when she said she could feel God healing her heart and her hurts.