Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A feeling of relief....

Emergency therapy session last night and J tried to work on what is going on. Lots of tapping and exercises for a neurologically damaged brain. J promised to write a 2 page heartfelt apology letter to Mrs. Kacak. (Letter was her idea to make up for her behavior. G met us at therapy in the hopes to get J out of her funk. It didn't work but J coughed up all of her bad decisions regarding Chrissi & Jessi and I was proud of her for owning her behavior. Then only J & I went into therapy and J told G good bye. God bless him he was still waiting when we got out. He was very supportive in telling J that she is responsible for her actions but her bad decisions could land her in some very bad places but we were really hoping that she could change things up. We went through the list of everything that we are doing to help her but G told her that she had to do her part too. Which is all too true. I was VERY proud of G too! It was a big step for him. After therapy Ms. Kristy asked J if she had been honest with G while she & I were talking and she said no. So Kristy had her tell G (looking him in the eyes) that she was afraid if she was completely honest with him that he wouldn't love her anymore. Of course he responded positively that he would love her no matter what she did. Proud moment again!

This morning J did great doing all the new tapping & rubbing and exercises. Then we talked about the letter and it was straight to meltdown. 0-60 in 2 seconds flat. When I left (late for work) she was still in full meltdown mode. Beating myself up because I can't be at home with her.

Back to the bad girl (me). My dear sponsor read yesterday's post and instead of calling me she came to my office. God bless her! Probably all the way here she was probably telling herself "that girl has really done it now." :-) I couldn't help but get tickled when Deb said Priscilla is here to see you. I fessed up immediately and was told to write a hundred times "it is fun and it's ok." Whew! I know my friends had already told me that but somehow when Priscilla did it made it REALLY ok. My conscience is clear now.....what a relief! P.S. Priscilla, I have written my sentences and it's the new tape playing in my head..... I think I can get over myself now!
Sometimes it is good to be bad!

Lisa's Gratitude:
1. Priscilla
2. Jordan
3. Connie
4. Kristy
5. Robin
6. Tudu
7. Gus

J's Gratitude:
1. Mom
2. Ms. Kristy
3. Bike
4. Leap Frog
5. Daddy G

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Tudu said...

Are you off being bad again? You really need to let us know you are ok.