Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm still here.....

So sorry I've been MIA. There's been so much going on around me and in my head that I haven't felt like blogging. God bless you Tudu & Gerri for caring....

Last Thursday I sent J to another respite provider in Tennessee because J was again beyond horrible to Mrs. Kacak. I am so afraid that I have condoned her behavior by allowing this to go on so long. Feeling terribly guilty about it too. Feeling guilty about sending her to a new respite provider too. Mrs. Fisk is a trained provider and has worked with lots of RAD kids so I have lots of confidence in her but J had never met her before and so I worry. The therapist, Mrs. Gaddy and myself all were in agreement that she needed a shock to motivate her to do something different because she knows the drill at Mrs. Gaddy's and I think it doesn't work as well now because she knows the drill But it's hard on so many levels. Plus I miss my little princess.

Early Saturday morning I took Chrissi to the airport for her vacation. She is touring LA, San Fransico, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Vegas and the redwood forest with a tour group of other Au Pairs. It is a requirement of the Au Pair program that she vacation for 2 weeks in America. She won't be back until next Monday. (Next month she will go to DC, NY, Phildelphia & Boston for her 2nd week.) I miss her too....

I left Hartsfield airport in a flurry and flew back to NE Georgia in time to make my Saturday Al-Anon meeting. It was good to be back and more than one eyebrow was raised that I was finally in attendance. The soft, orange chair was still awaiting me. It was sooo good to be back.

Saturday afternoon & Sunday were spent at the lake. Robin, Brian, G & I all had a great time and spent most of Sunday on the boat or in the water because it was unbearably hot!!!! Speaking of which I have a nice little sunburn on my shoulders & neck to prove it. Yes....I did use 30 sunscreen (and lots of it) several times but I still got one nonetheless.

During all this time I have been actively studying to become a Level II Reiki practitioner and yesterday I received my certification. I promptly went over to my parent's house to work on my mom since she has been in great pain with her left hip, leg & foot. Back this morning to give her another treatment and am proud to report that she is having some relief.

Reiki is supposed to be excellent for emotional problems which is why I studied to be a practitioner. This isn't a change of professions for me. I knew it would be hard for J to let someone else give her Reiki so I made the decision to (thanks to Chris & Mary Mc) put forth the effort to give J a little extra help.

Also, while J is gone I am re-painting her classroom (it is a dark, rich red since the room used to be the room that I painted in) to a soft, pale blue. I am hoping this is going to be more soothing for her as well.

I have cleaned out cabinets and thrown away crap that seems to multiply like rabbits around my house. Even though I've been cleaning my house looks like a tornado hit it because I have stuff scattered hither & yon.

Tonight I'm going to give my mother another Reiki treatment. Tomorrow I'm going to the lake with a friend that is going to try to mark off my property lines so that I can take the neighbors to small claims court about cutting my trees down. Hate that going to court business but am afraid if I don't more trees will disappear.

Bad girl is on hiatus. Hoping she'll return soon.

Lisa's Gratitude:
1. Chris
2. Sandy
3. Mary McKenzie
4. G
5. Reiki


marythemom said...

Glad you are back and doing well. Good thoughts going your way as you declutter and "nest."

You are my idol!


Lauri said...

I am a level two Reiki practitioner( traditional Usui) as well... have been for ten years now..

Lauri said...

Yep.... I reiki Livi, John and the cat now & then... I think it helps her ( can't hurt right?.. it's all good & loving stuff), I could use a refresher attunment, will probably take another class this fall.

Did you learn & practice the distance healing? might help your little one while she is away from home.

Lauri said...

sending her & you some good vibes