Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Trials & Tribulations Plus "Bad Girl"

J came home Friday against Mrs. Gaddy's judgement because she wasn't ready. It was obvious to me as well. She refused to do anything for any of us all weekend and tested EVERYTHING! Cried over nothing all the time. Usually she comes back from TMR and she does fabulous. Not so this time. I think Mrs. Gaddy had too many kids last week (4 respite, her 2 and her sister's granddaughter). So money not well spent. Of course it could also be that it's going to take longer for J to get it because the abuse has been going on so long. Who knows????

Yesterday she was again a little hellion with Jessi. 20 things on her bad choice list including trying to hit Jessi, throwing her paper and pencil across the room and throwing a huge screamer. *heavy sigh* I truly do not know what to do. Mrs. Gaddy recommended that maybe a new respite provider might be helpful since J doesn't seem to be listening to her. So...I talked with one in TN, who is trained by Nancy Thomas and have sent in the application. It really worries me but I know this isn't working and she'll never get back in public school if she doesn't learn that throwing fits and threatening to kill the teacher is not acceptable behavior. This TMR provider only takes one child at a time and that would be better.

I took her to the doctor yesterday (because she has been going to the bathroom so often) and she has a very low grade kidney infection so he started her on antibiotics.

I proudly announce that embracing my inner "Bad Girl" finally happened. I wasn't just bad. I was BAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDD!!!! And it was fabulous!!!! I am still blushing even though Connie told (ordered) me to "stop it!" Gerri....I remember your message and you were pretty darn close. Sorry to scar you again. ;-) Tudu.....You will be soooooo proud of me. :-)

Lisa's Gratitude:

1. Bad Girl

2. Bad Girl

3. Bad Girl

4. Bad Girl

5. Bad Girl

6. Bad Girl (yup...that was 6 bad girls)

J's Attitude:

1. Crappy


Alyssa's Mom said...

Way to go BAD GIRL!!!

Trust what your heart tells you. You are an awesome Mom to J and you know your daughter well.



Lauri said...

I second that.. way to go BAD GIRL