Monday, June 30, 2008

Still here

Too much has been going on lately. 2 employees out all last week (and the week before) and this week one is on vacation and one from last week is still out sick. Had to let an employee go. Sucks but such is the economy. Then add in the loss of my friend. Haven't felt like typing. Just trying to make ends meet.

G's community party was fabulous as always and J had a great time. She fell asleep in my lap about 30 minutes before the fireworks started so she got a little cat nap before the main event. I can't believe she turned off the hypervigilence with over 30k people surrounding her but she did!


Tudu said...

Glad you are OK and things are going well with J even if work is difficult for you right now.

laura said...

It is what it is and we can only do our best. Knowing you you give it more than your best. I know things are rough at times (something I know only too well) but I believe that tomorrow will always be better....
Take Care
Love ya

Alyssa's Mom said...


I'm sorry you have so much going on right now, I can sure relate.

That is wonderful news that J fell asleep in your lap! Alyssa has NEVER done this. She has come close but just can't let her guard completely down.


PeWee said...

Yay, fell asleep in your lap!