Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Lie Detector Test

Practice with your spouse first!

This is a test to see if energy is flipped and it’s also a lie detector test (NEITHER OF YOU CAN HAVE A WATCH ON OR ELECTRONIC DEVICE ATTACHED TO YOU SUCH AS AN MP3 PLAYER BECAUSE IT WON’T WORK!!!).

I have Torina’s permission to use their names so here we go:

Hold one arm straight out to your side like you’re flying with one arm. Have JB standing ready to put pressure on your wrist or just above your wrist. Say a true factual statement about yourself such as “My name is Torina.” As soon as you say it hold your arm straight out resisting while JB tries to push down on your arm. He can’t push your arm down because you’re telling the truth and your energy is correct. Now say repeat the same thing but say, “My name is Lisa”. You resist and JB tries to push down on your wrist. Your arm will go down no matter how hard you try to resist.

Now if your energy is flipped when you say, "my name is Torina", when JB pushes your wrist down it will go down. This is when you have to do the rubbing technique from my previous post to flip your energy back over. Does this make sense??????

In other words it's only a lie detector test if your energy is correct. This is part of the tapping...I'm just giving you bits and pieces at a time.


Kristina P. said...

What an interesting method! Does it really work as a lie detector?

Holly said...

Very interesting.... tell us more