Thursday, December 11, 2008

So Far...

Three weeks into the saving journey I have figured that I will have a projected savings of:

$200 on vehicle gas
$168 on lunches eaten out
$300 on groceries
$60 on lawn maintenance (I am lazy)
$50 on house cleaning (again...I am lazy)
$35 on nails (I bite my nails to the quick and they look awful. You'd think I'd outgrow that habit but no! I love my bad habit and embrace it.)
$25 on trash service
$300 on J's therapy (starting this week, therapy is now 1 hour instead of 2. She used to require 2 hours just to get 1 hour of therapy because of opposition. Now we're not having this problem so I'm feeling relatively safe about cutting the extra hour out.)
$71 on satellite service
$10 off cell phone by removing texting & insurance
$100 by having insurance agent re-evaluate home & car insurance and putting us with another carrier
$150 a month for J's second health insurance policy (she is strictly medica*d now)
$13.00 Onst*r cut off
$300 teacher salary
$80 Monthly expense for J & I eating out one night a week
$30 Cutting off landline

$1892 projected savings! I've impressed myself with almost $2000 of savings!

The above does not include the savings projected for electricity or water but in 3 weeks we've used only 263 kwh of electricity! Before this happened I was running around 900 -1000 kwh so this is a huge drop! We are washing dishes now after I discovered that the running the dishwasher runs the meter up 5 kwh!!! It's a one year old energy star appliance too! Have no idea on the water bill yet but hopefully it will come down at least $10.00.

I am loving watching Gray's, P Practice, Brothers & S and ER on my computer. It is so cool! When J is doing homework I can watch it with my headphones on and she's none the wiser. I don't have to wait on her to go to bed to catch up. The TV has been unplugged for a solid 2 weeks now!

Sorry to hit you with so many posts at once. 3 posts is very prolific for me. This one was saved to draft but mysteriously appeared posted. Hmmm... Well at least I can see if y'all have been paying attention. ;-) ♥


Kristina P. said...

Holy crap! This is amazing.

Stay tuned for a post next week on some more money saving tips.

Torina said...

Wow. Nice job!

Amy said...

That is great!! I wish I was as motivated as you are - you are doing awesome!

FaerieMama said...

Lisa, That's awesome! And inspiring!!!