Monday, December 29, 2008

More info on RAD

Trying to spread the word...

Ken is still working hard for all of us still in the trenches. He's taken the time to put together a wonderful directory of information on Reactive Attachment Disorder.

Here's the link to the RADKID directory.

Also, my amazing, dedicated friend, Mike Groomer has started a new website and an organization, Advocates for Children of Trauma, to help those of us living in the daily muck. Mike is a huge advocate for tons of families in Texas and is working unbelievably hard to shake up the system for his home state not only with DCFS but therapists, senators, representatives, all the way up to the Governor's office. He has put together and hosted free or minimally priced training sessions for parents, therapists and social workers with excellent presenters. He's trying desperately to get everyone on the same page and to work together instead of against each other. Mike and Heather have walked in our shoes and they know what our journey is like on a daily basis.

He has spent thousands of hours on the phone getting services for families that had no where to turn. Rattling cages is his expertise. He has even done this for me even though there's a lot of miles between Georgia and Texas. The support he has given has been invaluable. He and Heather both have called to check on J & I more times than I can count. Mike is fighting and winning for our kids and our families.

Here is the website. It is still under construction but is changing daily and there's a huge amount of content regarding schools and special education info that will be coming soon so bookmark it and keep checking back. There's even an advocacy kit and a Texas Resource Kit! They will be having a seminar with Dr. Steven Gray in 2009 so be on the lookout. Lisa Eberhardt's story is on there as well. Some of you, such as Texas Mary, may be familiar with Lisa from the Little Zebra's ATN's listserve.

Speaking of the ATN, did you know that for $35.00 a year you can get a lot of services and help? They also have a huge library of books, DVD's and CD's on attachment that you can check out to view/listen. They also put on an annual conference on attachment with great speakers.

The promised post on tapping will be up soon. I'm putting the finishing touches on it as it's a difficult thing to explain.


Essie said...

ooh ooh ooh I am first to comment!!! Thanks for putting up that link, I checked it out quick and promptly put it in favorites.

Jillene said...

I hope that you and J have a Happy New Year!!