Monday, December 15, 2008

Thank You!

Thanks to all of you that contributed to ideas for Tracy. She really appreciates it! Now if you'd like to be included on her blog journey (Yes! She has a blog now!) you'll need to click on her avatar over there (the sassy little, white, pistol toting, cigar smoking, angel dog on the right) and email her. You don't want to be left out because Tracy is a cliff hanging poster and she'll keep you on the edge of your seat!

J has saved all year (money that she has earned from doing chores) for Christmas and this year she has saved $126.38. The girl has more money than me! So right now Little Miss Priss is off with Daddy G buying Christmas presents for me, Big Mama (G's mother) and Puddin. He's also supervising the wrapping! Go Daddy G! Mom is so glad to have a break. I love her to death but 24/7 for almost a month and I'm ready to pawn her off for a couple of hours. I just called Daddy G back and asked him if he could manage dinner too then I'll have a break from being Chef Mome'. Yeah me! I've had two hours to just be. It's so nice. Then I had to blow it and have a little meltdown of my own. I went over to my Mom's and blubbered like a 2 year old.

J has been so worried because there aren't any presents under the tree. She knows we can't afford them right now but it's stressing her out. She also knows Santa's stocks are down right now so he can't afford a lot either but that he will bring something. The good news is that she isn't worried about presents for herself, she's just worried that there aren't ANY presents for ANYONE. So at least she's not thinking just about herself. That's a really huge thing! I've been trying to reassure her it's going to be ok but I'm not sure if she believes me. I think once she gets home with the presents she just bought she'll feel much better. Mom will too. We've really been trying to bring the focus of Christmas back even more and talk about how it's a present in and of itself just to be with the ones you love.

Part of me wants someone to step in and say "I got can relax and not worry anymore." A girl can have a fantasy every now and then....


Kristina P. said...

I'm glad you've had a relaxing day! Enjoy it!

Jillene said...

How nice to have some alone time!! You deserve it!!

The Leijte's in Vegas said...

I think you are so kind and loving. And that is just the things that I have seen the last few week that I have been a blogger. You really care for others. I think I took over the comment's on the last subject. Sorry about that, but I love crafts! Hope I helped. Thank you also for visiting my silly little site. I really enjoy doing it.

Anonymous said...

It is a huge deal that your daughter is thinking of others. It means that she can think outside herself now. It took three years for three of my kids to understand Christmas was not about what they received, but about blessing others. My newest addition hasn't even bothered to color a card. He will tell everyone what they received from someone else just to ruin the surprise,though.
I would be proud if I were you. Your daughter is making progress.

Tudu said...

We don't put presents under the tree until the day before Christmas. The temptation is just too much and I find them under there peeking and poking.

Sometimes sobbing your eyes out helps, I know it helped me quite a bit.

Linda B. said...

I'm glad you got some time for yourself! Amazing how good it really feels when it happens, huh- I dream about what I could do if I had the time. If I do get the time then I don't want to do anything but veg! Good for you for taking care of yourself....try doing it more.

Anne said...

Hi Lisa,
I love your blog! I just became follower #38 :) If you'd like to check out my blog, feel free to email me at and I'll send you an invite.
Anne (Elizabeth's mom)

Holly said...

So glad you got a break today.

marythemom said...

I stole this idea from someone else's blog today, but it will definitely become a tradition around our house.

Your post made me think of it because you and J can put "presents" under/on the tree that don't cost any money. Empty boxes carefully decorated and filled with kisses and love (with a note on the outside explaining what is in the box). Coupons for back rubs, breakfast in bed, hugs and kisses... Homemade cards and picture frames filled with beautiful drawings. You get the idea.

Mary in Texas

Christmas Eve family celebration - the birthday party for Jesus.
We get together - dad reads the Christmas story from the Bible.
We sing carols while our kids play piano.
Kids play music or do readings or whatever they've prepared (not everyone; just those who want to).
Then we give gifts to Jesus - it's HIS birthday, after all and we usually give a person presents on their birthday. Everyone gets a piece of paper, pen and a ribbon -- write what we want to give in the coming year to Jesus, roll it up like a scroll, tie it with ribbon and hang it on the tree.
Then we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and eat birthday cake.
After that (this really isn't all as long as it seems - maybe an hour altogether?) , the kids exchange the gifts they got for each other (a name draw exchange). I like to do their gifts to each other the night before, when it's calm and the focus can be on each other and giving - and no one's feelings lost or overshadowed with the more frenzied atmosphere of gift opening in the morning.
The "birthday party" has really become the most special part of celebrating Christmas with my family. It's a very quiet, reverent, loving time for all of us.

The Leijte's in Vegas said...

Now I need help.. I have a very energetic 2 year old BOY.. When weather is bad, not sure what to do with him. Girls 7 and up, and can do, need to figure out how to make it work for me.

The Leijte's in Vegas said...

Thank you for that. I will buy the jump thing tomorrow, or when I can drive in this crazy snow in VEGAS!! WHAT?? Yes snow, I just posted pictures, just now.. Thank you once again..

Lauri said...

How sweet of your girl....

glad you had some time to yourself.. and no worries..a good cry can be very healing