Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Broken Hearts

Seems like there are a lot of broken hearts going around these days. I've been asked to post about a little girl, 8, that needs a home. She looks astoundingly like J and has a lot of the same challenges. Yet, let us never forget that our kids can heal. They just need the right opportunity. Just because it hasn't worked in one family does not mean that things might not be better in another family.

Are you her family? Can you help start the healing journey? Can you send up some prayers, hopes, thoughts for this family and this child?

If you would like to know more please email me for details.
Hate mail not accepted. Snap judgements either.
There's a hurting child and family. Please be respectful of that.

For those of you that feel so inclined please link to this post.....this little girl has parents waiting on her somewhere. Please help us find them so she can begin to heal.

Remember that the "powers that be" considered J unadoptable. Miracles happen. Every day.


Kelly said...

Miracles do still happen and J is absolutely evidence of that. I do hope this little girl's forever mom and dad do find her soon. Bless everyone involved.

Torina said...

Tara and Toby were both disrupted before we adopted them. Some kids and families are toxic together. Maybe something in the family triggers a PTSD reaction and the family cannot change it. Or maybe the siblings cause the child to be reactive. There are so many variables with hurt children that I never considered before I met my children. Yet with us, it works...but I can see how things would not work in other families and it is not those families faults.

J. said...

mine were not adoptable togehter either, C was headed for a group home, miracles do happen, I iwll keep her in my prayers

Linda B said...

Prayers being sent from MN. I will post on blog and facebook.

MomInTheTrench said...

Butterfly was "unadoptable" too. Her agency's caseworker bet my agency's caseworker $5 that we'd never keep her. The attachment therapist in town said it was "too late" for her. She could pass as "normal" now! Miracles definitely do happen. I'll link. Can we hear more about her?

Deborah said...

I believe in miracles, I am praying that a family will come forward and love this little girl more than anything in the world. She must feel so lonely right now, I could cry. Thank you for sharing this with us.