Friday, October 30, 2009

New Trick?

Something from the other blog that I thought I'd share here. Trips are really hard for SK. So now we're going on "trips" or "vacations" a lot. Like everywhere we go I announce that we're going either on a trip or vacation or the beach or whatever.... A couple of times this week I've even packed their bags and threw them in the truck for the "trip." Yes.... I know it sounds crazy but I'm hoping to take the trigger out of these words for Sk.

Annie had a great idea (hoping she doesn't get mad that I've shared this) for one of her kids that has trouble with mom being sick. She could get "sick" a lot. I thought this was a fabulous idea! Lots of practice hopefully will help them actually cope when the real thing happens.

Who knows??? It might actually work.

Thought I'd share here in case it might be helpful. Change it up to whatever is the "hard" thing.


marythemom said...

I've been so careful about protecting my daughter from some of her triggers (like not being able to hear that she's in trouble), now I think this is the better way to go.

Yesterday we came up with a hand gesture to use when we are joking/ sarcastic/ teasing (palm up hand is in a u shape with the fingers together and the thumb opposing). Sometimes we use the hand to actually push up both corners of our mouth to make us smile - showing that it was said to make them smile. I've used it a lot. Didn't realize how sarcastic we are as a family.

Mary in TX

Grammatically Delicious Designs said...

Great idea. We don't have our four yet, so I treasure any pre-ideas I can gather and have ready. Hopefully by Christmas we will be a family of 10!

sarsmile said...

This is a great idea. Did you explain to SK what you are doing - that you know trips have been hard for her in the past so you are trying to help her get used to them so the idea doesn't scare her? Or have you just been doing it without explaining anything, and looking mystified when she or J tell you that wasn't really a trip after all?
Just trying to think which would be more effective...