Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Mark, J & G
Kaylee, Zeb & J
G & J

Last year we tried J with skiing lessons and it was an hour of frustration and tears. She was terrified the whole time. Saturday morning we suited her up and sent her out to a lesson and she did fabulous! Yes, she got frustrated but she managed her emotions and we talked her through it. She kept trying and Kaylee worked with her patiently. An hour later she was skiing down the mountain and she skied the rest of the afternoon.

Everyone came in for dinner and (J didn't stop for lunch) and then I told her she could go down twice during the twilight skiing with G, Zeb & Kaylee. That was at 6:30. At 10 she still wasn't back and it was foggy and raining. I was really worried so Mary Alice went down the mountain to retrieve her.

When she & G got off the lift she started apologizing immediately. "I'm so sorry I worried you mama but I was amazing!" She had skied down the intermediate slopes (one level under black diamond) and was so proud of herself! And even though I had been so worried, Mama was proud too!
Sunday she skied all day long without stopping for lunch again!
We're going to try to take her back in the next couple of weeks just to get her confidence level up so that next year it will come more naturally.
Yesterday when we left everything was a sheet of ice and it was precarious getting to the truck. In all the commotion I left my luggage. Packed everything else but forgot my bag. I didn't remember until pulling into our driveway. Wide angle lens, computer, clothes, makeup, cash, photo albums are all still sitting in Banner Elk. Ugh. The overnight shipping on that is not going to be pretty.
J rode with G on the way home so I had a little quiet time. I called the vet to check on Stud and proceeded to blubber the remaining two hours home.


Little Wonder said...

I used to ski. A long time ago. It was fun. I miss fun. SNAP OUT OF IT WOMAN (me)!!!

Looks like a fabulous time for you and J & G! Exhausting, but wonderful! :)

Diana said...

YEAH for J!!!! Yeah for HEALING!!!

BOOO for leaving the luggage. :-( That bites!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Awesome for J! Skiing is HARD WORK!!!
Sorry to hear about your stuff. Of course it wasn't the bag of dirty clothes right, it was the bag of important stuff that you need. Hope your cat is okay.

Lee said...

She is growing and healing so much. It is truly amazing!

BT said...

Such fantastic news about J's skiing progress! Yay for healing!

Sorry about Stud. And also your luggage. Ca ching. I hate those expensive mistakes.

Sheri said...

Amazing! The luggage thing? I would so do that!

SocialWrkr24/7 said...

Thrilled to hear about J!

Sad to hear about Stud. :(

Kristina P. said...

Good for J! She has come a long way.

waldenbunch said...

J looks so grown up! Glad you had fun this weekend. It's always nice for a change of scenery.

J. said...

yeah for good times, maybe nextyear K will feel ready too.

Shanti said...

That's so awesome! I'm even to scared to try and ski! I'm a wimp. =) Looks like they did great!!

marythemom said...

Way to go J! My parents live in Colorado and I never learned and wouldn't even try. Good job Lisa with encouraging her.

Mary in TX

Tayley said...

Such a HUGE yay for J for having such a good skiing experience! :D

I tried skiing once when I was younger... it can be really really frustrating even without the need for healing and challenges that J worked through so bravely on this awesome sounding trip. My experience? It ended with young me kicking out of my skis in frustration, yelling at my dad, and tromping down the remaining 90% of the beginner hill in ski-boots with angry tears and flushed cheeks. So double applause for J as I know just how frustrating and angry making skiing can be when it doesn't work. Go J!

Maury said...

Someday I see J being an awesome therapist, or speaker, book writer...something that will share her amazing journey, and rebirth she has experienced. I am just in awe of what you have done for her.