Thursday, January 7, 2010

No Fall Out

I waited all day on the fall out that was sure to arrive from fun overload. It hasn't happened yet. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Perhaps the panacea for J is to travel all the time. ☻

She had a fabulous time playing in the "snow" this afternoon! Hoping we get a little more just so they can play in it tomorrow.

So grateful for all of you that commented with suggestions this morning. Y'all are some very clever girls! I was on the precipice of panic as if you couldn't tell. My brain doesn't operate until a second cup of coffee is ingested.


Diana said...

Yeah for success. A BIG yeah for success.

Every kid deserves to play in the snow! Hopefully you'll have enough to make your snow days worth it. Around here, they schedule "just in case" snow make up days every year. They have, however, NEVER closed school for snow...not even when I was a kid...and not even when we get pounded with 12"+ at a time.

So, what did the tooth fairy really end up doing?

Shanti said...

yay for the snow! and i can't wait to hear what the tooth fairy ended up doing!

MomInTheTrench said...

This sounds like a good day! I'm so glad! What did the toothfairy do?