Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Total Rock Star

Kirk West

Gregg & J

I LOVE this picture! That's a K i n d l e in J's hands. Thanks to Yondalla for turning us on to the beloved K i n dle. It's her favorite possession.

G had a great surprise in store for us when we got on the plane. Kirk West was going with us. Kirk is the tour manager for the Allman Brothers Band and such a really great guy. We have a lot of history too. When I made the announcement to G that J was an impending arrival we were sitting around the kitchen table at The Big House with Kirk and his wife, Kirsten. It was their home at the time but is now the very cool Allman Brothers Museum. And...the first time J ever flew with us was taking Kirk and Kirsten home to Macon.

We had sushi upon arrival and made it to the concert with perfect timing. J did fabulous! Truly she was a total rock star the whole time. I couldn't believe she made it to the end of the concert. We had front row center seats and we hemmed J in between us to protect her from the crowd. Kirk got us back stage passes (he made J's night) and J was able to meet Gregg. Unfortunately my camera was not cooperating so most of my pictures are blurry. I could have cried. Grrrrr. On the way home Kirk repaired my camera so the rest of the pictures were in perfect focus. I got in trouble at the FBO for taking pictures. When we went out on the tarmac they informed me I could only take a picture of our departure. Department of H o meland Sec urity.
As soon as we arrived home J took a 3 hour nap. She was exhausted!

While I was away all my blogging friends decided to blog like rabbits procreate. Geesh. I read everyone but commented on none. Sorry. I'm starting over now and will do better. Pinky swear.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

You get a commenting pass when away on a trip. It's policy here.

SOOOOOOOOOOO happy you guys had fun!!! Sounds like a blast!

You didn't miss anything at my house. Lol. Sigh.

Hannah_Rae said...

Okay, as long as you pinkie swear! :)

I could really use some suggestions if you've ever done anything with life books though. :)

I'm so glad you had such a great time. What does J like to read on her K in dle?



Tricia said...

how completely exciting and yeah for J!!!

Little Wonder said...

wow--i think you are the closest thing to a celebrity that i might know in real life! LOL

Oh, I want a N O O K or a K I N D L E....what fun! :)

BT said...

Oh that's so cool that the whole thing went so well. Yay J!

Shanti said...

awesome! looks so fun, and yay for the kindle!!

Linda B said...

You deserved some fun so I'm so happy it all went well! J deserved some fun too. And I'm sure G did as well. What a whirlwind of a night!

Annie said...

Wow. what a life you lead.... I'm thoroughly impressed.