Friday, May 30, 2008

Better days are coming....

The phone conference went fairly well considering. My client screamed for 30 minutes (he did not know CEO was in the room) then I asked CEO into conversation and things got a little better. Client will not scream at a man like he screams at a woman. There are people like this. Hopefully we're moving forward at this point.

On Monday Jessi took J to Mrs. Gaddy's in her mother's brand new SUV. Found out last night that my little darling wrote (with a pen) on the leather seats of said brand new vehicle. J knows better than to do this. She was just mad. Anyone know how to get pen out of leather?????? Grateful Jessi's mom didn't call and scream at me because I don't think I could take one more screamer.

The princess is coming home today. Whoo hoo!!! I can't wait to see her!!!!! Hoping and praying she can make it through all next week at Jessi's school. I have a feeling there will be a return visit because I've let Jessi be abused for so long that it might take longer for J to understand this is not acceptable behavior. Low expectations and high hopes.

Lisa's Gratitude:
1. Nobody has screamed & cursed me today
2. Mary, Lauri & Gerri...thank you for your kindness
3. I haven't had to run away from home yet
4. Mary again....thanks for propping me up
5. Fresh manicure & pedicure


marythemom said...

I've heard hairspray held about 5 inches away and wiped off after about 20 seconds.

I also heard perfume, again wiped off after about 20 seconds.

Alcohol (perfume probably kin to this) again wiped off.

On all - do not rub hard. All might take leather color off (try in an inconspicuous spot?).

After trying these everyone said to use some leather conditioner or babywipes with moisturizer.


Alyssa's Mom said...

Try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! It will take out perm. black marker, so hopefully it will work on ink.

Good Luck,

Tudu said...

Hair spray works. I hope you managed to get it out by now.