Monday, December 1, 2008


Weekend went pretty well considering. I discovered on Saturday night that J has been steadily ramping up the triangulation model. I'd noticed over the past few Saturday's that she had been sneakily disrespectful to me behind G's back. Last Sunday she started doing it in front of him which made him question my parenting in front of her. We came home. This past Saturday night, an hour after we arrived, J started again and snarled at me. I never said a word but G said, "now don't y'all start arguing." One thing I don't do is argue with my kid. I really didn't appreciate the comment. After we had finished eating and were doing the dishes, I put my arm gently around J's shoulder and whispered, "honey you can either hold it together or we can go home, either one is fine with me." G walked up to me and tapped me hard on the chest with his index finger and mockingly said, "you better do what I say or else." Hmmmm.... that didn't go over too well. Calmly told J to go pack her bag and that we were going home. I didn't intend on spending my evening in an argument or trying to explain RAD Parenting 101. This discussion has been aired before.

We got in the truck and J admitted to trying to start a fight between us because she wanted to go home and have me just to herself. She also said she didn't want to go to the lake anymore. More hmmmmm..... He came over yesterday afternoon for a few minutes and J admitted willingly to what she had done. I was very proud that she took ownership. G couldn't "hear" it but that's beside the point. AT has encouraged me to bring him to our therapy before therapy (the part where it's just the AT & I) so that she can give him an explanation of what triangulation is and what it will mean if she succeeds. I'll offer the invitation but I'm not expecting him to show.

No school today since we had a p-doc appt. Yesterday she took more of the CRCT tests on There are only 3 grades for these tests, Exceeding Requirements, Meeting Requirements and Doesn't Meet Requirements. Out of 40 tests so far she is exceeding at 33, meeting 6 and not meeting 1. Considering she's only had 5 weeks of school I'm just hoping I can keep up. It still blows my mind that second graders have geometry.

She is still working diligently on her journal every night. Puddin is offering to spend more time with J and of her own volition, has been known to lay in the bed (still in my line of sight) with J while she writes.

Folks it is snowing Georgia. That is freaky. School was closed in 2 counties just north of us. (Yes....we close for snow. I know you yankees (no offense) think that's just hysterical.) Usually we can wear shorts at Christmas. No joke. Cold weather doesn't hit here until January and we get lucky if we have 1 inch of snow all winter. If there is the vaguest mention of snow all bread and milk will disappear from the stores inside 15 minutes. Not joking about this either.

J just came running in here and said, "Mom, it's snowing!!!!! It's not a lizard but it's still snowing! :-) Blizzard...lizard....all the same thing. ;-)

Totally changing the subject but I wanted to share with you that has a blog now where Ken is answering radical questions. I found Ken's site before J moved home and found it to be so helpful with a wealth of information to help parents. It was a lifeline after J came home. The delphi forum was very helpful and was where I met Awesome Gerri. So I thought it was so appropriate that your blog is listed there too along with a host of you other fine folks. Last week I discovered the blog completely by accident when someone found my blog through Ken. Wow! I was overwhelmed that I was listed on his blogroll. So if you haven't already, go check out Ken & Michelle's site.


Kristina P. said...

Oh, the joys of triangulation.

And I can't believe it's snowing there! I'm in Utah, and we've onlyl had one snow storm, weeks ago!

Ashley said...

Hi Lisa :)

I agree with you that there is a lot of hmmm in this-

Please don't think I'm overbold, but does G do energy work? Maybe there is something in G's energies that is setting her off...

This doesn't mean there's anything 'wrong' with G mind. Just my two cents, take them as they're worth.

But is is amazing to hear from you!

Light, Love and Energy


Holly said...

We got lots of snow here too, then again, we always get snow.

Glad she owned up to what she'd done and was able to verbalize.

So good to hear from you.

Torina said...

Sneaky little smarty pants :) If only our kids could use their triangulation/manipulation for the purposes of good instead of evil they could conquer the WORLD!

Jillene said...

Lizard....hahahaha!! That's great!! I am in Utah also and it is in the 50's here. Very strange for Utah!!

Alyssa's Mom said...


No, I don't use google reader, I read from my dashboard.

I am not receiving my comments - any ideas?

Alyssa's Mom said...

Something weird happened when I posted my comment. Let me know if you didn't get it.

Annette said...

I am not happy with G- I had to go look at your Answer key to see who he was....Why would he question your parenting? You obviously know more about a RAD child.
What a good girl to admit that she had tried to pick a fight though!
Although I do not have a child with RAD. JUST FROM READING YOUR BLOG. I would take parenting advice from you.. any day..with out questioning! You are a very devoted and faithful mother!